Download Puppy Love Craft: Pet Sim, Creative Game for Girls

Puppy Love Craft: Pet Sim, Creative Game for Girls

Puppies, cute little pixel doggies in a girls craft world! Build, create, mine,craft! For girls! The best dog games for girls! Crafting and building. Use blocks to build. Create a house for dogs, construct a whole dog city! Hug fluffy dogs! Doggie is the main animal in this game. From Shepherds, Border Collie to little chihuahua. All of them want to be your friends! Build them a shelter, a dog hotel or just play with the puppies! Build a pet shop or dog spa! Exploration lite of the infinite sandbox world! Pocket edition of a famous crafting game! The best build, mine,craft game for girls! It’s not another dog virtual pet simulator or a Talking puppy app. A serious game for dog lovers! Creative game for girls and boys! Let the adventure begin! Cool game about dogs - simple Doggy dog world! Not everybody wants a Dragon pet - everybody love cute dogs! So get your wolfs pack and let the adventure begin! Cute candy girls world with the princess of all puppies! No pony craft or unicorn craft. No kittens and pandas! Just dogs! Man’s best friends! Use blocks to build, explore the infinite world of Puppy Love Craft: Girls Game. Creative game for boys and girls free! Mine,craft and explore! Dog’s adventure game! Magic puppy in a girls craft world! Exploration of a sandbox world! MCPE! Mine,craft & explore! This creative game for teenage girls (Pocket Edition) contains a large number of different cute glitter blocks (pink, yellow, colorful) with which you can craft your own teenage girls cube world! Use them to build a SPA, Beauty Salon for dogs or anything you want. It’s a city building game! Plant flowers it the garden, bake cakes. Top game for Top Girl!
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Games Free Tiny Dragon Adventure Games Sp. z o. o. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Upcoming features:

Multiplayer (multicraft)
Crafting items
Building craft mode
Survival exploration lite mode
Cube Block Craft
World Craft Story
Skyblock free mode
Cute Story mode (Little Pony & Puppy Quest!)

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Creative game for boys and girls
Explore the world with cute puppy
Build, create and have fun with cute dogs!


Love help
5646 46 52

I can't keep the dogs and puppies all happy at the same time so I deleted it please add a mode where the dogs and other animals are always happy and I will put it back on.

good but WAY to many ads

I give this 3 stars because it has WAY to many ads.I would enjoy this game a lot more if the creator decreased the large number of ads please fix this and I will give 5 stars.

Horrible game... confusing

I have no idea what to do or what’s going on 🀷🏿‍β™€οΈπŸ™πŸΎ‍♀️

Omg it’s quite wrong but right

The graphics are terrible you have to watch ads to get anything I have to destroy doors to get the dog in a house I try to auto jump and it doesn’t work instead it makes annoying noises and there isn’t any animal but dogs BUT I love the cute puppies I have only found 5 different types of dogs but still cute puppies

awesome dog games

I love this game.I love dog so this is awesome ❀️

tim kimo


Love help
5646 46 52

I can't keep the dogs and puppies all happy at the same time so please add a mode where the dogs and other animals are always happy.

Love doges!

I love this game please make more blocks and dogs so cute and if your reading this dont listen to other peple they just hate dogs!

Austley benten ;-)

I got lost when I was looking for the tunnel I made please add a map so no one else gets lost and so I can get back home and the dogs are so hard to catch and they leave so fast that I can’t even get them in the house and when I do get them Inside the house they disappear please add more dogs

Can’t understand?

How many dogs πŸ• are there so far I only found two (it’s kinda annoying)