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"Puffin for Facebook" is NOT associated with Facebook, Inc. It is developed by CloudMosa, Inc. -- the creator of the Puffin Web Browser.
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Puffin for Facebook is a special edition of Puffin browser optimized for Facebook users. Its motto is "Better for Less" -- a better user experience for less data usage.

A better user experience is made possible by Puffin's wicked fast cloud rendering. Puffin Browser is faster than other browsers or even native apps on high-end phones. The performance advantage is especially noticeable on mainstream or low-end phones.

Less data usage is made possible by Puffin's wicked efficient data compression. Puffin Browser consumes 80-90% less data than other browsers or even native apps. The data savings are more significant on slower network connections, like in developing countries or during data roaming.

Puffin for Facebook removes the traditional web browser UI for a fully immersed Facebook experience. Puffin UI is kept as subtle and intuitive as possible. For example, monthly data savings are displayed when refreshing the news feed. To view an image in full quality, simply shake the mobile device.

To fully appreciate Puffin for Facebook, try it on an iPhone 4S using a 2G Edge network. Puffin for Facebook works remarkably well.


puffin was blocked in venezuela :( help!!

puffin was blocked in venezuela :( some solution for Venezuelan users with this regime of mature help !!!: '(

If only FB messages worked

I’d give this app 5 stars if FB messenger worked, but it doesn’t. It gives me a blank page and won’t open. I won’t use the official FB app/messenger combo. Seems like all FB browser apps have their limitations and not being able to access messenger is a big one.

Decent until most recent update

Back arrow now takes you all the way to the beginning instead of one page back.

Facebook app 4 ios 7

The only way 2 use Facebook 4 ios 7 (besides the web browser, which is slower) works well and can message from the app 2.

Need update
ong khoeun

I love it but nothing is new

Can’t login

I can’t login, anything works

You have a bug!

I can’t open groups at menu!

Good app but a message to apple
i love paramount

People of Apple, if you're reading this, i don't mean to be mean or rude i'm a very disapointed to you for taking the company "CloudMosa, inc" as a threat, you need to let the puffin browsers to stay on your app store, (no offence and no hard feelings)

Puffin For Facebook- gives kids the internet! BAD!

Dear apple, please remove this app. Even with safaris parental restrictions in place, you can gain access to the internet through this app. Simply log into your Facebook account, go to googles Facebook page, and boom! Kids have unrestricted access to the internet, which is terrible. This was also a problem with the original Puffin Browser app, which has been discontinued. Please remove this app, as it somehow is able to bypass safari parental controls rules that other browser apps abide by!

Puffin fb

Works ok but has too many fixable bugs you won’t deal with , I can’t log out on iPhone 6s so I have turn data off to app , can not go to settings and hitting the back button starts the scroll all over at the top instead of where you were. I hate this , fix it or I delete your mess ..,I only give it 2 stars because you can make it better but won’t

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