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Download ProductiviT - Study smarter not harder, interval timer and goal tracker to help your focus and productivity for work and school exams

ProductiviT - Study smarter not harder, interval timer and goal tracker to help your focus and productivity for work and school exams

Have you ever studied/worked for hours and found that you didn’t make the progress you thought you should have? You’re not alone.
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It turns out that you were studying/working harder, not smarter. A number of studies show that studying intensely without a break is actually counter-productive. Taking short breaks at prescribed intervals can lead to increased output, that leads to improved results with less effort.

****Don’t take it from us, go ahead and read more about this research by the experts themselves: (Links found at the bottom of the description)****

- We’ve created this app to help you take advantage of this phenomenon and use ProductiviT to work smarter, and not just harder, without having to understand the science behind it.

- ProductiviT is an App based on well documented research that you can maximize performance by taking breaks of specific duration at predetermined intervals. We believe that in a world full of distractions, ProductiviT can help you accomplish your goals more efficiently.

Using ProductiviT, you'll study or work on your goal for a specified amount of time (we call this a "Work Segment" - many recommend 25-30 minutes), followed by a short break to recharge (we recommend 1-5 minutes). You'll repeat that cycle until you've accomplished your goal (we think you'll be amazed how much more you accomplish in the same amount of time).

Easy to use:
- Set the number of "Work Segments" you want to do for the day.
- Set the duration of time to spend on each "Work Segment" **(many recommend 20-25 minutes)
- Work/study until the timer goes off
- Enjoy a short break after every Work Segment (customizable) **(many recommend 1-5 minutes)
- Enjoy a long break after every few Work Segments (customizable)

Free customizable features:
-Start/Pause/Skip/Restart buttons
-Don't want to look at a clock? You receive your very own turtle that will swim across your screen to indicate when your current task is complete.
-Choose from our 5 enjoyable alarms to go off after every Work Segment is done. (Don't want an alarm sound? Keep it muted.)
- Set ticking clock noise on or off in the background
- Set how long the short breaks will be
- Set how long the long breaks will be
- Set how many "Work Segments" you want to accomplish between each long break
- Choose to turn notifications on or off to alert you when a break or a Work Segment begins and ends
-Close the app whenever you want and you can still receive notifications.

---Premium Features---
Premium access can be bought for a one time payment

Premium Access Pricing:
- $1.99 for lifetime premium access

**Upon purchasing Premium Access, you will receive:
The ProductiviT calendar, which allows users to monitor their progress at a quick glance. you’ll see:
-Which days you completed your daily goal
-Which days logged into ProductiviT but did not complete your daily goal
-Which days you did not log into ProductiviT

Tap on a calendar day and have access to see:
-Your number of completed Work Segments for that day
-Your total time spent accomplishing Work Segments each day
-The number of times you pressed pause for that day

Premium users also have access to all Premium Background Tints

****All users have the ability to purchase the different background tint bundles permanently. The rates per background tint bundle are $0.99.

****Published Research from the experts:



*ProductiviT is not directly associated with any of the parties above*


Really works!
Pokemon Arceus

Has definitely improved my efficiency!

Excellent Study App.

I have a problem staying focused on tasks at times, and this app is excellent for keeping me in the zone when I'm studying or writing. I'm not in school anymore, but as a pastor, it helps me in sermon preparation and study by keeping my mind operating at its peak. The app really helps to concentrate my focus by helping me set study goals and follow the proven method of 20-30 minute timed study/writing periods with intermittent short breaks, and longer breaks after the achievement of goals. I can see where this app would be great for students, but not just students, anyone who wants to operate at peak mental performance and stay focused on the task at hand will benefit. Give it a try. It won't disappoint.

What a Life Saver!!

As a senior college and aspiring physician studying for the MCAT, it takes a lot of focus to sit down for 8 to 10 hour days and look through material. When I saw this app in the beta testing stage, I knew I needed to download it and give it a try. I've now been using it for 4 months and the amount of material I retain in a day is unbelievable. The science behind the app is genius. I can set my study times and breaks to fit my schedule for however long I am studying. My anxiety has been noticeably less because I know at the end of the day, after using ProductiviT, I have made the most of my time without procrastination and that's the most important thing to me.

THE perfect app to focus & accomplish

I was a little skeptical of how well an app would be able to help me focus, but those suspicions were immediately gone when I began using ProductiviT. The fact that it takes care of your focus segments and tracks your progress, is a complete game changer. Students, teachers, professionals, and anyone else looking to avoid wasting time when getting work done should definitely give this a try. Plus, the premium package is such a great deal since it's a one time payment. Nice work to the people that made this!

Such User friendly. Much production.
Mr. Procrastination

I am such a procrastinator, but after trying out this app, I've found an easier way to study for my college classes. Thanks ProductiviT. I will definitely be sharing with my friends.

Improves studying tremendously
Drew Pilola

I used to be a huge procrastinator until this app came out. This app truly helped me maximize my time, work more efficiently, and better retain information. It's based off a science that has been proven to work and I can vouch for that. Since I started college I've always had a problem getting good grades as it was hard for me to focus. After ProductiviT My grades have improved significantly and I guarantee yours will too if you download this app.

Great app to keep me on track at work

I use ProductiviT at work when I have a big project to complete. I break my work up into 30 minute intervals and take 5 minute breaks, which is just enough time to grab some coffee or hit the bathroom and then dive back in. It really helps me not feel overwhelmed when I have a lot to do because it makes the work feel like it's broken into lots of smaller projects. The calendar feature helps me keep myself accountable from day-to-day. I will definitely recommend ProductiviT to friends/co-workers.

Kyena Nicholas

Seriously, saves my life when I have assignments and work to get done!

Great for projects
Saints Go

I have ADD and I use this for projects. Painting, chores, papers, etc. It's great. I actually stay on track and I like watching the little turtle.

Bloody awesome app! Productivity through the roof.

Really awesome concept and super well executed. Hats off to the incredible team.

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