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Prisma Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Prisma labs, inc.

Changed Privacy Terms


Collecting users personal information, not cool at all. I’ve used this app from the beginning but when Prisma changed its privacy terms & conditions to say: Email/Phone number; Username (real name is not mandatory, just nickname or username), User DeviceID (generated by our app), First user authorization date and time, Shared Posts: Photo (not an original one, but with a style applied), Post title, User ID, Geo-location of user’s device (Lat/Long), Date/time of posting event. Likes: Sender User ID, Post ID, Time, Geo point (Lat/Long), Post Reports: Sender User ID, Post ID. Comment Reports: Sender User ID, Comment ID. ITS TIME TO DELETE THIS APP AND NEVER USE IT AGAIN. 👎🏼

Awesome app! Convenient, fun, and simple!


Prisma is totally fantastic! The filters are completely original and amazing, and they’re not complicated to use. Plus the social media aspect of it is so much fun, and so convenient! It’s awesome to edit your photos on the app and then share them on your account. 5 stars, 10/10 recommend!

Cool App ... Asking me to agree to the new privacy policy, NOT cool!

Tack Sharp

I was happy to see the app was updated and downloaded it immediately. Upon starting up the app, you have to agree to the new privacy terms which basically allows the harvesting and sharing of way too much personal data — you can no longer use the app without agreeing. Nope. No thanks. App deleted and love affair with Prisma has ended.

This was a superb app. So much less good now


I know they want to make more money. I get that. However the old app was soooo superior

App was great until update

Nicky Doodles

This app was my favorite until this recent update. Now 95% of the filters don't work, they just give errors. What happened?

Fabulous fabulous & even more fabulous

n o streetcar

Live the many affects I can create



Doesn’t work after the update. Error, please retry later

Was great, now ok


Used to have amazing filters, now most are gone. Totally understand the desire for subscription, but not worth $ unless using lots. Would have bought for a set fee, but now it’s lost many great “filters” and wants me to pay for too many of the same. I miss the simple thick pen line one. That’s really the only good one. Shame.



Supper slow

Must agree and subscribe to emails


Been using this app for over a year and was happy with it. Recently it shows a User Consent Form, where you have to agree to their terms, otherwise you cannot use their app. The last term states, that they can can contact you via email or any other means. If you do not select the last term, you cannot use the app anymore. That’s it for me. I guess I care about my privacy too much.