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Prisma Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Prisma labs, inc.



A great way to enhance photos artistically with very little effort but great results.

It’s good


It’s good



I found this site a few years ago, I absolutely love it. I have had pictures transferred to canvas, I have mounted prints on wood. worth every penny for a subscription!

Too many horrible useless filters


Too many useless filters for the price!! App crashes for no reason! Too much money for styles that all look the same and their layout is all jumbled up. Look for another app that is less complicated.

Prisma really wants your cash


I used to love this app, but they took filter styles I'd *already* downloaded and put them behind a paywall. That's one of the most infuriating things an app can do. I very rarely pay for apps, but I actually like Prisma so much that I'd be willing to pay a few dollars for it. But paying $20/year for a subscription is crazily out of sync with the market, especially given that the app is frequently buggy and often crashes. Truly a disappointing and obnoxious monetization move.



I love taking photos with this app and I highly recommend it



Sparks creativity and imagination, on the go

Bait and switch in later releases

I’ve been using this app for years, but after upgrading to an iPhone X the app gave me a choice of a free trial, monthly subscription or yearly subscription. I’m happy for the developers success, but I am not ok with paying for an app I’ve had and used regularly (and endorsed often) without subscription for years. 3 stars for the years I used.



Wish the applications and filters were still free - guess that's how they reel you in - still love it though

I love this app!


This is seriously the best photo effects app I have on my phone. They are so generous with their free effects that it makes me want to purchase the others. And all the effects are awesome, imo. Good stuff!