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Prisma Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Prisma labs, inc.

By far my favorite photo effects app.


Lots of easy to use, creative applications packed into this app. Some of the previous bugs have been resolved, which is nice. I also like how much fine tuning can be done within each effect.




Fun app


I’ve been using Prisma for several months now and loved the results. The most recent update says there are now built-in photo enhancement tools, but for the life of me, I can’t find them. Without adequate web-based help, I give up. Too bad it’s so hard to find!

Another good app gone to subscription


I had purchased the premium of this app quite a while back. I hadn’t used it in a while and went to go show a friend how cool it was and it looks like they want me to signup for monthly or yearly. I really don’t mind if apps start out like that from the beginning so you know what you’re getting into. When you pay a premium for an app it should be yours. All these apps doing this add up to sooo much money that this model is going to fail. No average consumer wants to pay $20 annually to run pictures through filters. Maybe $20 a year for a OS or critical service, but these price points are out of whack!

So cool

Gamer๐ŸŽฎ 6436

It is very fun to play with the different pictures and it’s an amazing way to add something special to a boring photo

A little pricey for sub


See above

HD saves gone


After buying some filters a while ago I come back to see I can’t save HD without subscribing MONTHLY!?! Don’t bother. There is hardly anything to begin with to justify a *monthly* (or yearly -.-) fee... Cool filters but no way is it worth what they’re charging.

This is the best style transfer app


This is the best of the style transfer app on IOS. It is very fast and offers a lot of styles to choose from. I would give it 5 stars if it allowed me to make my own styles. I don’t like the subscription model and would rather have a one shot purchase option but I pay it anyway because I use this every day. NOTE: The iPad version did not provide the new image adjustment feature. I hope this is fixed very soon. I prefer working on my iPad rather then my iPhone.

Don’t update


I always lost my settings of preferred Styles after any update, but the most recent updates have transformed this app into something I’m deleting from my phone. It’s fine if you turn an app from free to paid, but don’t start charging for designs that were once free. And some of my favorite styles are no longer available anywhere on the app. Equally disappointing as the changes to privacy and the requirement to be subscribed to their Email list even to open the app. Prisma was a novel, stand up app in 2016. But they compromise their reliability and integrity with each update.

Awesome Artistic App !!!


So much fun, such creative filters. Makes pictures of special events just that much more special & artistic. Still learning additional functionality, i dig it! Thank you & please continue creating apps like this , expand , branch out. Thank you!