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Prisma Photo Editor is free iOS app published by Prisma labs, inc.

Was 5 star


Iv had this app since it was day one now you want to lock me out make me pay monthly, hell no.

Really good app but


I still don’t like the TOS. Y’all are better than them that...

Latest update takes styles I had away unless I pay?


I've been enjoying this app for a couple of years, and I understood when they started charging users. But initially, they did the right thing and only charged for new features--they didn't charge existing users for features they'd been using for free for months or years. That all changed with the latest update, thought the update description gave no warning of this. About 8-10 of the best styles--including the two I use most--have been taken away unless I pay them $20. Feels like a skeevy way to do business. I tried clicking "Restore Purchases", thinking it was a mistake, but the feature doesn't do anything.

Loving this app


Easy and beautiful!! Highly recommend 😊


haile maskel

I love this fantastic

Serious? Horrible privacy policy


Serious? You have to accept to receive promos to continue using this app. And they will collect your device ID as well..... hmm not cool with that, will delete Prisma responded saying they would only send emails when necessary. I change the review to 3 stars for that.

Love the app.


They fixed the nag screen

Getting worse and now they want you to subscribe


I’ve had this app for a long time and I’d like to say almost since it was out, I feel it is getting worse with crashing over and over AND NOW they want you to pay for a subscription?!? Ummm no. Fix your bugs and lower the price then I would.



One of a kind, easy to use app!



Love to use Prisma.