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Princess Unicorn Run

Check out this fun loving cute princess unicorn running game.
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Join this fun baby unicorn jump through and avoid obstacles. Fun for all.

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You heard me. You are copying the pony run. Either you’re the company that made the pony run or its just copy catting. And its no 🦄 unicorn. ITS A DONKEY WITH WINGS!

Makenzie Holister

Idk how to play yet! Because I just got this game. o.O

Okay.. Game

Cute game kids love it. But it gets boring after a while.

Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows

Awesome app

Me like
Call me22222222222222

Fun to haves

It's just ok

The game is just okay. It's just like BabyWhiteTiger.

Kitty cat 23

It's kind o fun, but I got bored after one round.

Mississippi Tucker

Too many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Adds are driving me nuts

I was just in the middle of the game and had three adds in a row pop up. How do you expect people to enjoy the game if every 10 seconds there's an add popping up. Don't get me wrong, the games cute but it's not worth my frustration to try an enjoy playing it.

Too many pop up ads

How are you supposed to play this game when ads pop up right in the middle of a level?