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The pregnant mother is busy in your daily life and doing some home task. She will not feel better in the dream home because she is pregnant and feels the illness. Get their regular medicine that are prescribed by the doctor in the last week. After that, the pregnant mother simulator calls the virtual husband and ask him about the illness that pregnant girl feel. After that pregnant mom feel dizziness and fall down in the unconscious condition. So when husband visit home and see the pregnant mom, immediately get them to the hospital for checkup & doing ultrasound and start operate. Doctor give the news to husband that mother give birth to twin babies. Amazing gameplay along with twin baby daily activities tasks to do such as renovate their room, change their diapers or feed them, when thy feel hungry.
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Games Muhammad Akram iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Main Feature *
• Decorate the room for the newborn twin
• Buy new dresses for real twins baby
• Change dirty diapers of the newborn baby
• Take care of new baby twins and pregnant mother
• Feed the newborn twin and take care of them
• Awesome animations for more fun
• The brand new addition of the pregnant mom & babysitter


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