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"an easy recommendation for anyone who wants a challenge" - TUAW.com
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Games $0.99 Diego Cathalifaud iPhone, iPad, iPod

"good luck putting that down once you unlock [the Arena mode]" - AppAdvice.com

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You are trapped inside a very special temple, surrounded by dangerous monsters. You have no weapons of your own, but the ground is filled with great powers.

In Power Grounds, thinking strategically is very important when it comes to choosing your abilities. Would you be swift? Would you be strong? Would you be... wise? It much depends upon the situation.

- randomly generated levels
- original mechanics that you will have to discover
- arena mode! survive for as long as you can
- challenging achievements

* Originally made for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge. *


Worse & Worse

There’s a line in the film, Hombre, where a bad guy asks Paul Newman if he prefers to shoot his enemies while they’re tied to a tree. Newman says: that would be nice. That’s all you need to know to understand the programming in this app. Every screen is a mathematical “set-up. You lose before you even move.

Poor Diego Doesn’t Get Any Sleep...

And all you need to keep him awake the whole night—is win. This is a good game, make no mistake. I only give it three stars because of tactics the “creator” employs that take the game into areas respectable programmers (if there is such a thing) refrain from using in the name of decency. Cheating is like Viagra to Diego, so expect the worst. And when the cheats get out of hand don’t hesitate to quit and take a moral victory. If Diego could do it to you he would.

Interesting roguelike.

Main game is really short (6 stages, meant for high scores most likely) but arena mode is where it's at. Would like to have some BGM or something though. It's quiet...

Roguelike addict

The mechanics of the game are streamlined and simple to learn but very rewarding and hard to master. Perfect for a phone game. Love it!


I love this game... Very unique gameplay... Its like a roguelike puzzle fighter game

Yes please.

I like Hoplite and I like this.

Doron diamond

If you like dungeon raid, 868-hack or hoplite, get this game. Fantastic game, fantastic developer. Deserves the support.

Just amazing!

Haven't played a game like this in a while. The arena is really addictive and challenging. Love it!

Good idea

This game is challenging and unique. I really enjoy it. BUT they need to update it, fix some bugs. Occasionally when I swipe, it forces my character to keep moving in that direction, often times to his death. Also, add some music or something, some more challenges, game modes, something to make this worth the dollar I paid for it.

Just awesome
Nicholas Meyer

Arena mode is so much fun. I have no complaints about this game, though bgm would be kinda cool. 10/10 would play again