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Professional share portfolio manager and stock tracker.
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Finance $13.99 Purescope Pty Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

Please Note: This is the full version of the app with unlimited features. For the free Lite version for small portfolios or to just try out, please also see the separate app 'Portfolio Trader Lite'.

Portfolio Trader is a sophisticated stock portfolio tracking app for iPhone and iPad, providing in depth analyis of your share holdings and other investments. As both a powerful portfolio manager and stock tracker, Portfolio Trader provides the ability to track and analyse multiple portfolios and multi-currency positions, across a variety of Profit & Loss views and chart options.

Complete stock trading and share portfolio management for the professional trader or the casual investor.

Features include

- Multiple profit and loss (P&L) views including: Price, Value, Daily Gain and %, Unrealized Gain, Realized Gain, Total Gain and %, Avg Cost and Cost Basis.
- Simple swipe or tap navigation between views.
- P&L views at all levels - position, portfolio totals and all portfolios.
- Individual charts for each instrument across a variety of time ranges (available in full screen)
- Portfolio history charts with comparisons against major indices and other instruments (both MWR and TWR)
- Heat Map display of price changes.
- Support for holdings in multiple currencies, including within the same portfolio, with real time rate conversions and totals.
- Multiple transaction types - Buy, Sell, Dividend, Dividend Reinvestment, Capital Return, Split.
- Integrated portfolio cash account (broker account).
- Support for GBP holdings quoted in pence.
- Manual trade entry or bulk import from PC.
- Automatic pricing updates - major stock exchange and stock market prices.
- Option for manual pricing.
- FIFO or Avg Cost accounting methods.
- Multiple sorting options.
- Alerts.
- Watchlist (separate stock tracker)
- Optional iCloud sync between devices.
- Portfolio Import/Export feature for importing large portfolios directly from a local PC file.
- Password lock.
- Multiple color schemes.

A comprehensive stock portfolio tracker for iPhone and iPad.

The Lite version is limited to 3 holdings. (free app)
The full version has unlimited functionality.

Supports iOS version 8.0 or later.


Great Stock Account Tracking Tool
Darth in Texas

This app allows me to track investments and cash in multiple portfolios in real time, displayed on all of my devices. It has eliminated a lot of manual input that I had been doing on Excel spreadsheets and provides instant up to date information on individual stock purchases, such as date acquired, cost basis, unrealized gain, etc. It also allows me to track foreign accounts (including equities) in foreign currencies, which is extremely helpful. Highly recommended!

Stock tracker
condo padre island

I’ve had several of these apps and by far is the best one yet!

star man v.2.1

Still clunky and not intuitive on entering or editing certain data. Heat map is nice.

Closest thing to the old google portfolio

If you like the old google portfolio this is the app for you.

Convenient, easy to use, great charts

I find this app very easy to use, yet so full of information. Great charts for such a low price! I have used this for a few years now. I gifted a copy to my grand daughter to get her interested in investing. We are both very happy with it. Thank you.

Great for tracking my entire portfolio

This is my every day go to resource for tracking my investments. It’s the best app I have found for doing so.

Best app so far

Does exactly what I want, tracks value of different portfolios. News function is helpful. Many different views. Can’t build custom views. Not sure if it does options, don’t think so. Only basic charting, no tools. All that said, this app does a nice job once you have set it up. Better than most apps out there.

Nice but daily gain/loss doesn't reset

(update: figured it out. Love the app and quite honesty was blown away by the live stream of prices) When does daily gain/loss column reset back to zero for the day? I dont see any setting for this and would have assumed the next business day the columns would all reset back to zero in order to watch the next day. Very strange

Great App!

It does everything I want and more! When I had a question regarding the integration of my physical precious metals holdings along with my stocks, support was prompt and helpful. Now I have everything in one place for easy tracking and price alerts.