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Poly Land brings you a new exciting way to relax and get distracted from the mundanity of the daily routine. The app takes a fresh approach to coloring, offering a more advanced and engaging way of expressing your inner artist. What you get are polygon-based jigsaw puzzles in a variety of themed sets based on your general coloring preferences, mood, and inspiration. There is polygon coloring and color-by-number matching - depending on what you are feeling like this time.
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Entertainment Free Pixeland OU iPhone, iPad, iPod

Poly Land is packed with hours of highly entertaining coloring and solving by numbers, with new puzzles being added regularly to keep it fresh and interesting. The puzzles are custom-designed for the app, making every piece unique and aesthetically pleasing. Relaxing sound effects are available when solving the puzzle - can be turned off if you prefer creating in silence. The matching puzzle mechanism involves dragging and dropping the pieces to the right place. You can also zoom in and out on the jigsaw.

Not only Poly Land is highly entertaining, it also happens to be educational, especially for younger players. Solving the polygon patterns and coloring them helps children develop counting skills, trains attentiveness and coordination, stimulates creative thinking and boosts visual memory, among other things. The game comes at a few levels, making it suitable for pretty much any age group and presenting some challenge to every player, making it fun and enjoyable every time.

Once the jigsaw is completed, there are a few exciting options that allow seeing your very own work in progress and sharing it with your friends. The time lapse feature allows you to see the whole puzzling process, and your friends can always enjoy the new completed pieces thanks to the sharing feature.


Great app to play!

Amazing game. While other similar apps copy the content from each other- this one has really unique and diverse poly art pictures. I have lots of fun solving the poly puzzles and enjoy really clean and intuitive interface! The subscription is totally worth it. Thanks to developers, keep going!

Poly color
hadiya choudry

Deer poly you are the best game in the whole world ???

A very frustrated person

You should be making all the artwork free no in app purchases

Not happy
vicky samson

You should be able to color the pics without having to pay. What if someone didn’t have a lot of money? I’m done with this stuff.

Wasted Potential

I feel like this game could be good, but it’s lacking. If you don’t pay for the premium setting you get next to no images to choose from. On top of that it’s not really like a color by number you just take the shape and put it in the square, gets repetitive quickly. As if matching the number to the number wasn’t easy enough the game highlights the number square you’re placing along with a few neighboring squares so there’s no challenge whatsoever. It was just really lack luster for me. Needs work.

Subscription not working

I purchased the year subscription and it’s not working. Help. This is my third request. I’m cancelling my subscription

Not that good
literally all names are taken

Could be really fun or cool but almost all pictures are premium. You also don’t even have to find where the piece goes, if you hold on a piece the picture will move and highlight the spot where it goes.

I’d give this 0 stars if I could!

I have a one-year subscription, but can’t use the app because a pop up keeps coming up asking me to subscribe. Then, when I go to the app to ask support what to do, I keep getting an ad for another app! I am disgusted. Do not waste your money. This is a total rip-off. Actually a scam. If you don’t upgrade, you will never get another picture. No matter when I log on, it’s 23 hours till I can get another picture. This should be investigated and removed from apps.

Alright I guess but....
Hugh G.. Rection..

This game is alright I guess but if you don’t have premium than there’s no point in getting the game. There’s like 10 pictures you can do but the rest you have to pay money to do but than that’s it other than that one thing it’s good, if you’re willing to pay for everything you do

Waste of a download

I only got 4 free puzzles. There’s not even an option to watch an ad for a puzzle.