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PokéAlert - Realtime Map for Pokémon GO

Find out where all the rare Pokémon are hiding!
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Games Free Lightsaber Labs LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

- See current locations of all Pokémon, unlike other apps that only show previous sightings!
- Filter to only show specific Pokémon on the map to catch the one you're looking for!
- A timer below each Pokémon shows how long they'll still be at that spot!


Disclaimer: This is a fan/support app for Pokemon Go and is not officially associated with Niantic, Nintendo, or Pokémon


Doesn't work anymore

Ever since it updated it doesn't show anything on the map. All it wants you to do is share on social media.


But slow

It's was amazing

After the last update it went from 100% to 10%

What have you done?!

It's great you updated it it was amazing then a few hours ago you changed them from great little pixel Pokemon to bubbles with uncolored Pokemon! I can't tell a growlithe from a vulpix and the non bubble things is what kept me to poke alert from go radar please change it back to its original form also great use of alerts just wish it made a noise like if a Pikachu was nearby it would go PIKA CHU or something other than those things GREAT APP!

Nice one

Cool to find Pokemon using this app




Doesn't work, scanned and refreshed and no Pokemon show up at all!!


WHY in the World did you CHANGE the GRAPHICS????....it was Great before....Please PUT BACK the ORIGINAL GRAPHICS....it's TERRIBLE Without them

Why the update

Ever since the new update I can't see enough pokemons anymore like it used to. It does still works but is not the same like it was.

An updated review

As of 9/6, this app doesn't work well anymore. It only gives sightings in very very populated spots. Currently I'm in DC during peak hour and it's only loading FDR and DuPont. There are amazing spawns on the national mall every afternoon and this is no longer showing them. I'm only giving two starts instead of one because it still technically works at FDR, but overall the functionality has fallen apart.