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Poke Map Locator & Radar

Find all Pokemon near you (or a selected target location) in real time for Pokemon Go.
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Utilities Free Andrei Zubarev iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pokemon nearby will be marked along with their appearance timer on the map.
These are real time Pokemon locations, meaning they are currently live and can be found exactly at the marked spots.

This app is in no way affiliate with or endorsed by the Pokemon brand, Niantic or Nintendo. This app has been built by fans, for fans who love the Pokemon GO game and wanted to create this separate assistant app to support it's community.


Is really good apps

It is easy to use and more friendly than others.


This is the most creative thing i ever saw

Decent but not great

The best thing is that it accurately identifies where Pokémon are...but the worst thing is that a lot of times it takes so long to load that you miss them.

No longer works

Worked good for a couple days then just stopped

App stopped working
Walter Leroy

App was great and now doesn't work

Sometimes it loads

Used to love this app for a few days, then after that I can't get it to load. Idk what happened, please get your stuff together


So this app is great overall. I've been using this app ever since i saw it on my recommendations but now its not loading Pokemons like it used to. Every time i get off the app and go back in the Pokemons dont load anymore. Please fix this quickly.

5 star in hopes of fix

Fantastic when working. I've caught a lot of good stuff thanks to this app. Just hope I see it working soon.

Everything was working perfectly fine UNTIL...
Super Sayan God

I've had this app for about 3 weeks now, but for a week now, no Pokemon show up anymore. It's just like a blank map for 10 minutes. This has also happened to me with many other tracker apps. Anyone else having the same issue??

Great app

This is probably the best tracking app I've ever downloaded. It loads everything quickly and the locations are accurate.

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