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Point the picture for babies 2

700 beautiful examples and countless picture combinations will allow your child to check their vocabulary. The game will ask them to find the right word for the picture. Choose your answer from 2 or 4 pictures! 100 pictures are available in the LITE version.
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Education Free Anastasiya Zhemilevna Averina iPhone, iPad, iPod

Pleasant voiceover will accompany every choice your child makes. Guess words within 7 interesting topics or between different topics! AUTO or MANUAL settings depending on your child's preference.

What are we learning?

1. EMOTIONS: happiness, sadness, doubt, surprise, hope, etc.
2. SHAPES: circle, square, cone, spiral, etc.
3. IN A MEDICAL CLINIC: to receive a shot, dentist, optometrist, gauze, etc.
4. IN A STORE: grocery store, pet store, to shop, etc.
5. CHILDREN'S PLAYTIME: to mold, to dance, to chase, to read, to tickle, etc.
6. SEASONS: to play snowballs, to collect the harvest, first flowers, to sunbathe, etc. (LITE version)
7. SPORTS: soccer, horseback riding, gymnastics, tennis, etc.
8. QUESTION MARK – a countless number of combinations between various topics.

The NEW GAME has harder words! The topics are socially themed – focusing on feelings and emotions, shopping, visiting a medical clinic, having fun in different times of the year, etc.

6 LANGUAGES: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian


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