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Discover, Listen and Share podcasts! Podcast 9 is a new way to experience podcasts.
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Discover Trending Podcasts
Hundreds of Podcasts available to choose from! We curate the most popular Podcasts into organized categories so you don't miss anything on any topic of interest.

Preview Episodes With Transcripts
Each episode has snippets (short fragments of audio) that lets you preview the content easily. We use Speech Recognition and Machine Learning Algorithms to generate transcripts of the content.

Bookmark Snippets
Found something interesting while listening? Bookmark it! You can easily create snippets with short audio fragments to save for later.

Share Snippets
Introducing a new way to share audio fragments on social media. Snippets are shareable as a video containing transcripts so you can quote the best content!

Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions! You can email us at [email protected]


Still Not Ready

The Library page looked okay, but the Discover page had nothing loaded on it. Even worse, they gave free advertising to the neoliberal shills Pod Save America. #Chapo

App not live yet

App has been released by there is no content? Very confusing what is happening right now.

Let down

When I came across this app, I was really excited to preorder it. From the screen shots provided, it looks really well designed. But now that it’s “out” the discovery page is blank. Not sure what happened, I hope they can fix it because I’d switch to this from the app I use already, based on the screenshots of the design and snippets idea.

Not ready
True Crime at its finest.

Like everyone else said, discovery page is blank. This app isn’t ready. This took a while to get and this is what is released? Not good.

Guessing it hasn't been turned on yet?

Discovery page is blank so I can't suscribe to anything. Update 1- 7/09/19. The update now includes 4 tabs but they are all empty, tried to import my Apple Podcasts but it did not find anything, which is wrong. Leaving my review @3 stars as support has been quick.

Buggy as hell and no functionality

Terrible app. Buggy as hell: podcasts don’t play, the app crashes all the time. There are no playlists, you can’t speed up or slow down the playback, there is no way to save different episodes or podcasts in different categories (I.e. like you can do with PocketCast), average UI (looking almost dated already) and most of the times the artwork of the podcasts doesn’t even load. I was really excited about this app, majorly disappointed now. Not worth the wait.

So very buggy

After the snafu of the release, nothing but issues. Network errors and podcasts failing to transfer in. Loading time incredibly slow. No settings at all. Very disappointing.

Not ready,.. but will wait

I'm giving it until midnight tomorrow..... That's 23.5hrs away. You're now on the clock ⏰👈🏾

This app has potential

After months of waiting this app has finally been released to the public and yes it is having a slow start but that will improve in time. The developers went above and beyond to develop this app and so far I am impressed with the work they’ve put into it. 😃

Much better update

Keep fixing those bugs and giving updates. Thank you