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Pocket Rocket is a quick way to view your Pocket articles in Safari. Simply sign into your Pocket account and your list of articles will be displayed; tapping will take you to Safari (or you can choose to use an in-app browser or 3rd party browser if you'd prefer). This makes viewing articles much quicker but the benefit is greatest on iPad where you can run Pocket Rocket side-by-side with your browser for quick reading.
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Utilities Free Dodo Apps Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Quick way to view articles in Safari
- Choose to open articles in Safari or an In-App Browser (or Firefox / Chrome if installed on your device)
- Swipe an article (in list view) or long press an article (in grid view) to archive or delete it
- Long press an article to present sharing options
- Universal app for iPhone and iPad
- Optimised for iPad Pro and split-screen usage
- Ability to see total count of articles on app icon
- 3D Touch Quick Action for supported devices

Pocket Rocket does not contain any analytics, adverts, in-app purchases, or tracking of any kind. We take your privacy incredibly seriously and don't ever see your login details or your list of articles.

This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Pocket in any way.


Does exactly what I wanted

Outta pocket and into safari. Safari's reading mode is better than pockets and you can use OS pop up blockers, which is not so easy in Pocket. This app makes my Pocket experience perfect.

Add support for Instapaper?


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