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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap

Super Fun but...

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This game seems forgotten with updates. As others have mentioned the Portal mini game is broken. This is relatively minute but is extremely frustrating nonetheless. The only reason this is 2 stars is the fact that these reports go back to early June and it is now almost September. Really seems like fixing part of the game should be a higher priority

Ads on the paid version?


I recently restored my paid version of PvZ & I'm getting ads! Glitch? Mistake? Greed? Why else would I be paying unless I wanted it to be ad-free?

Pretty good


I love this game and it's very fun but my only issue is that on Portal Combat (a mini game) the game crashes during the first portal relocation. If that could be fixed I'd rate this game five stars.

Just a fix and it would be five!


The portal mini game is a little broken to where I can't beat it. When it says changing portal location before it switches it just crashes. Fixing that would be nice! Thanks!



It glitches all the time and I can't play it.

portal combat


i redownloaded on my new phone for nostalgia and its great but i guess EA doesnt care about maintaining this app since theres no reason to buy in app purchases so yeah. portal combat the minigame crashes the app everytime i get to the first portal relocation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Needs fixed


Great but the portal mini game crashes on the iPhone 6 Plus



Not a true pay to play model even when you shell out money to buy this game. There are still ads and theres a significant paywall for minigames. ?

Great Game!


Love this game! It's so much fun, I definitely recommend getting it! 100% worthwhile ????

Portal Combat


el juego es genial, pero al jugar el mini juego Portal Combat el juego se cierra... es una lastima... lo podrian arreglar, mi telefono es un iphone 5s