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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap

Great game


Great game I've played for years but still no survival and on portal combat sends me out of app when the portals relocate. Please fix

Great game


The game is fun, survival mode is great, all the mini games and puzzles are also cool. However, the "Portal Combat" mini game causes my game to crash every tom the portals start to relocate. I hope this will be fixed.



I love this game, totally addicted to it. However, there's some sort of problem with the minigame "Portal Combat." No matter how many times I play it, the app will crash around the time the portals relocate. A few seconds after the "Relocating..." pop-up, the app closes and restarts. I'm trying to get all the achievements but it's impossible if I can't even finish a minigame! Pretty please fix it?

Portal combat crashes.


The expansion Portal combat crashes on me. :-(

What is wrong with you popcap!

Really Pop Cap!

Really... I pay 2 dollars for this game plus numerous more for coins and then you plague my game with an update comparable to AIDS that you have to download with no choice! Plus it deletes coins and zen garden progress! Oh yeah one more thing they added freaking ads to a game you have to pay physical currency for that can be used to buy food for your children instead! Dumb fix your freaking game!

Love this :)

Jungle 1234321888

I love this game so much even though some levels are very difficult :) I really like the new update and each time they improve so many things. I have been playing this game for 3 years and I still love it. :D

Needs fixed

Johnny Ronnie and Donny

I love this game, and t doesn't bother me that you have to pay for the mini games. Honestly it's only 4 bucks to get all he mini games, not a big deal. But what is very angry is that you pay for a game that had adds, AND the mini game "portal combat" is broken. The game crashes every single time in the first portal change. The fact that you pay for a game, and they still won't fix a bug.i can't play survival because I can't get the last trophie because I can't beat portal combat. Waste of money until that fix it

I love!


Nothing is wrong with this game ? I love it so much! Plz fix pvz 2 but this one ok awesome il love it just it is hard to describe it is that good 100000000 thumbs up!

Favorite game of all time


I recently redownloaded this game and I'm just as obsessed as I was when I first got it! I am having crash problems every time I try to play portal kombat and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem or if it could be resolved. Great game I'm just trying to collect all the trophies haha

Advertisements is a paid game


I bought this game a long time ago and it was great, now after a while I downloaded it again and it has in app advertisements although I already bought it, that's stupid.