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Plants vs. Zombies is paid iOS app published by PopCap

Still buggy


Portal combat still crashes during 1st portal shift. This has been going on for awhile now. What's up?!?

P vs Z free version works with iOS 9 why doesn't the ad free same game?


Two stars because the glitches that remain (and have for quite awhile now!) seem to get no attention. Very poor upkeep of a game! At least it was eventually updated so MOST of it works now on latest iOS but I had to start from scratch...I lost all my progress during the snafu and partial fix update. The glitches that need to be fixed are Portal Combat crashes and kicks you out of the app when the first portal change happens and also the game will not save any progress if you have to stop in the middle of a game. Has this game become an app that you no longer want to work with?? Frustrating!!



EA has horrible customer service. They will steal game content you paid for and then not give it back when you complain (happened to me). And eventually they will just stop answering you at all (also happened to me). They have no other way of contacting their customer service other than email so it makes it very easy for them to ignore you (very clever EA, nice scam). So kiss your money goodbye. You'd be better off throwing any money you were going to spend in these apps out your window.

What the heck??


I have PvZ free and my zen garden just got completely messed up! It says the app doesn't exist anymore?? What does that mean? ALL of my plants just got erased, and I had a lot. Everything in the shop literally went to 100x it's old price. This is awful- if it's not fixed the app isn't really worth playing anymore once you beat the game.

Portal Combat


This is probably one of my favourite games, but I am 100% content kind of person, and I can not play Portal Combat. The entire game crashes at the first portal change. Please fix this. Otherwise, awesome game!

Force closes


My games forces closed during portal mini play game has been going on for month

Remove ad pop up at menu screen!

Resident Elmo

I paid for this game and when I did, it was ad free!



I love this game and I've actually downloaded and played it many times. It's upsetting when it crashes time after time. I know you guys have the other games to worry about but someone seriously needs to update this app!! It's still an app!!! People still pay for it!!! So update it pleaseeeee!

Pls add


Pls add a custom level so we can pick the zombies level and plants and infinite sun if we wanted

What happened?

Fried Bran Muffin

Am I crazy or did they make trying to buy all the mini-games and puzzles basically impossible without shelling out real money? Seriously? I paid real money just to play the game and now you're going to stiff me and expect me to pay for it again? I've been grinding for money with an extremely efficient setup and beat the game twice, and I've unlocked one of mini-game packs so far. Disgusting.