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Games Free Scott Julian iPad

While traveling through space on a mission of utmost importance, your Sky Fighter Mark II intergalactic cruiser is bombarded by Meteors, Asteroids, and baby planets and not to mention space junk.

Using all your skills as a Sky Fighter, you must shoot and destroy each of these elements making sure that they don’t make contact with your ship.

Your Sky Fighter is equipped with retrorockets that enable you to turn left and right at extreme speed, this along with your photon laser will blast all in front of it to pieces.

Hyper Jump is available to the very brave. Pressing the Hyper Jump button will move your ship randomly to another location on the screen. While Hyper Jump may be very helpful when getting out of the way of an oncoming planet, it could simply drop you in front of another.

Thruster Rockets are available by pushing up on the joy pad will move your ship forward at great speed but controlling you left, and right movements become quite difficult.


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