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Planet of Cubes is the first Global Online Multiplayer SURVIVAL and Creative block building sandbox MMO game with single infinite Planet made of cubes.
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Games Free SolverLabs LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

The Game has 2 modes: SURVIVAL Multiplayer and Creative Multiplayer.

The game has compass and current coordinates display to make navigation through the endless infinite world easier. You can chat with players who are visible within your current “View Distance” range.

Make sure to select your own unique skin from 160+ available skins before playing the game.


Find resources like cobblestone, wood, sand and different types of ore. Dig and collect various blocks. Craft various tools like pickaxes, hoes and axes to help you progress faster. Craft and use Furnace to create new blocks and items like glass or iron.

Build your shelter during the day. Watch out hostile mobs like Zombies and Spiders during the night!

Use online chat to make new friends, build online together and protect your creations against hostile players. Craft weapon and armor and arm yourself to survive in battles with others.

Explore infinite Planet in search for rare resources like gold and diamonds. Use Portals to quickly teleport to nearby villages for new resources or just walk to them by foot.


Rent your own areas (CHUNKS) of this beautiful Planet made of cubes and start your creative joy today. Chat with other players globally when you build.

Only you can build on your own chunks – but watch out your chunk rentals expiration! Once your rental is expired someone else can rent it and lock you out from modifying.
A single chunk area consists of the 16 x 16 square cubes and 256 cubes in height. You can turn “SHOW MY CHUNKS” mode and easily spot all of your chunks – in this mode the Planet of Cubes is displayed in grey color except your own chunks.

Ancient castles and cathedrals, lost ships and aircrafts, flying islands, cities and megalopolises, military basis, Egyptian pyramids, epic monuments and many other exciting objects and places are waiting for your exploration in this infinite Planet.

You cannot build or dig inside the Spawn Zone and on the chunks belonging to other users. All cubes inside the Spawn Zone have TTL value of 0. Thus to build something make sure to leave Spawn Zone where TTL indicator is greater than 0.

Planet of Cubes game gives you infinite number of possibilities and endless potential for all of your survival and creative needs in global online multiplayer modes.


• Play Survival Multiplayer Mode on the single infinite Planet
• Craft weapons and armor to protect yourself. Find resources and build your shelter from cubes
• Teleport to nearby villages using Portals to navigate faster in the infinite world
• Creative Multiplayer Mode to satisfy all of your creative needs
• Rent your own areas ( CHUNKS ) in Creative mode
• Endless amount of beautiful buildings and places made of cubes to explore
• Teleport to any place in Creative mode using MAP
• Chat with other players real time in color
• Unlimited number of players worldwide
• 160+ skins to choose for your player
• 7+ themed skin packs
• 4+ Block Texture Packs and more to choose from
• One Planet. One Adventure. One Multiplayer Survival Fun!



This is almost like free minecraft! You can earn coins to get the skins or rent places. You can create free “servers” where everyone can join and you can choose who can build! A couple of suggestions, you should be able to add plots to your multiplayer game so only those people can build in approved spots. Not like rent where they can wherever they rent. You also should have an option where servers can put in game ads by paying with their coins. Like 20 coins an ad or so. I think it would improve the game A TON!!!! Please take this into consideration. :) Thank you for making such an amazing game!

This Game

Great Game Overall just you should not have to rent it but if a person isn’t yo friend they shouldn’t be able to edit or destroy your house.

A suggestion
Alyssa Hartman

I accidentally put a block in the wrong place in a rent world, and I do not want that area of space. I can’t get rid of it so I can’t get a new area to have my long lasting chunks. I would like to be able to get rid of the other area of chunks I have so I can have a flatter area to build on (without waiting for it to expire). Otherwise, the app is pretty good.

Awesome few tips

Hi I Looveeeee this game I would date it if I could but there’s a couple of problems like for the Ads omg it pauses my songs and it’s annoying I hate the ads can you get rid of the plz thank you. And here’s another problem there’s not many people on so... what’s up with that and I don’t know how to trade or give people stuff:/ can u fix those and thank you. Also why isn’t there many people on this game like I got these games because I’m an only child at my house so I got this game to hang out for people. Another thing when u spawn in survival it will spawn you anywhere like I just played it and in survival but it was night so I spawned in front of a zombie and he killed me:/ can u plz place a spawning place in the game. But here’s one thing I loooveeee I love is that you don’t have to pay to get the coins you just have to be on which I love but I don’t know if I get all of the coins I’m afraid that there’s gonna be no more coins so I just need to know about that. And thank you p.s teleporting gets a little buggy can u fix that plz and I thank you 🀩🀩😊😎😊

Less space
bailey xD

The game takes forever to get it takes my time

Just a Quick few updates please!

Hewwo!This game is awesome!great for rp and building!its like a free version of Minecraft and we can go multiplayer.But here are some suggestions that will make the game so awesome so please read ^-^ ========================== -Add a Candy texture pack please!it would be awesome to actually have a candy world -Add spawn eggs for creative so we can spawn animals -Make is open chests and put something in it,can we interact with the furnace,crafting table,and other stuff that can be interacted in survival to creative -can you also make the carpet vibrate when we build our roof because once I put the carpet and I put the roof it’s just dark(T . T) -Also add something so we can have a flat place or like a terrain with no templates please for private maps! -and make building with friends faster destroying blocks please ========================== I hope you read this!This would be great for game and I think others would think also!I shall check everyday for daily improvements to see how the game is going!have a nice day!οΌˆβ•Ήβ—‘β•ΉοΌ‰β™‘

Very FUN!!!
Ronzed Chef

Guys you maybe need to play this game every single day

So good
addalie mermaid queen wolf

Hi I’m addalie YouTube download this app come play with friends and family and all other people come play survival in the private maps and other cool things so I give this a five stars because I love playing this and it is so fun to meet your mom friend and you sister or brother boyfriend and girlfriend and I love to play this game

I want to give you a idea

I wanted to know if you could make guns for the game just asking and I wanted to know if you could make it so in the game people in the survival mode could have a house or build something in there little square but they have to buy for each ace zone but only one property or Square of space to build and if you could add a safety thing so if anyone build anything inappropriate you could change it or kick them off and only they can open the doors or Trap doors and plus’s love the game thanks for makeing it bye and pls think about what I am saying bye

Good overall

The one thing that this game needs is to be able to earn coins and the ability to buy mods with the coins that you could use in online survival and solo survival for instance tinkers construct or even something like archameades ships or d&d craft with ads xp and skill points that transfer between worlds for instep from solo survival to solo survival or online survival to online survival