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Designed for sheet music sight singers, choirs, guitarists and music students alike. The next generation pitch pipe & pitch tuner app!
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Music $2.99 VaporTrail Software LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

PitchMe not only provides the traditional analog pitch tuning meter but also transcribes detected pitch to musical staff of a specific key scale!
Also plays touched area on the staff with a correct pitch tone of chosen scale and transposition!

Robust, full featured tuner that works with Guitar, Human voices, and variety of other instruments.
Play it like an instrument! Play piano by tapping the staff lines.
Solfège support. Movable and fixed Do, Re, Mi.

Foremost, PitchMe is a precision tuner optimized for variety of complex harmonics such as human voice, strings, and wind instruments.
Detects: voice, guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone, horn, trumpet and more.
The tuner keeps record of last 5 pitch detected on the scrolling staff.

Secondly, PitchMe lets you play the grand staff by touch.
This allows solo singers or choir members to quickly play the specific note on a sheet music.
Pitch player fully compensates for transposition and A4 frequency settings.

PitchMe has all the features of traditional analog tuner.
Displays the pitch, octave, accidentals and ±50 cent scale.
Accurate and Fast!


- Adjustable A4 calibration with 0.1Hz increment
- ±1 cent accuracy! or ±1/100th of a semitone
- Fast response time
- Transposition at semitone step
- 44.1Khz high fidelity piano
- Pitch range: E2 to C6
- Needle damping option
- Option to choose alternate tuner skin
- 3 mic sensitivity settings

Rated 4/4 stars "...A Killer App!" by Apps4iDevices: reviewed by pro musicians.

Fully calibrated and tested with perfect pitch reference tone.
Tested with various human voice types.
Tested with guitar, violin, viola, flute, clarinet, saxophone and piano.
Note: not recommended for cheap electronic or computer tones (too much harmonic distortion)

Universal app. Works on iphone, ipad and ipod.


Useful music app

Great tool to tune your voice pitch to the reference value.


Fantastic app! Very fun and useful! Also very good to educate kids! Great job!!!


Exactly what I wanted. A simple treble and bass clef I can touch and get a pitch. Great for leading choirs and practicing solos. Perfect help when reading music. Also helps train voice to pitch.

Must have tool for serious musicians out there

Must have tool for serious musicians out there. I have to say, it is one complicated piece of tool. Will take time to learn this tool, but well worth it. Great job on the APP. Maybe a little tutorial on your web site would be helpful.

nice app!

this is quite nice!

I recommend this App!

You have to get this!


A very nice app.


this app is so excellent

Does not work

I bought this app to see if I was hitting the right notes when I sing. I wanted to test it out first, so I played a G on the higher register of my electronic keyboard, which does not go out of tune, and it said it was a C#, so I played the same G over and over again, waiting at least 15 seconds between each note, and it gave a different note every time, from C#, to F# to D. I am pretty sure I am using it correctly. This app does not work. I want my money back.

The Pitch Gold Standard

It is my Go to tool for checking and training the human voices pitch. The best app for human voice pitch I have found on Iphone so far, very helpful.