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Pipeline - a pipe based maze game

Pipeline is a great way for you to pass time and challenge your brain in new ways. With new levels being added regularly and multiple ways to solve each level, you'll never run out of challenges.
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Complete all the levels by constructing one continuous path from start to finish. Using a given amount of straight and corner pieces, you need to use all of them to allow for water to flow. Beat all 96 levels and race against the clock to win! The faster the time, the more stars you get.

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Fun, but hard

It’s fun and addicting, but impossible to get 5 stars! Hence the 4 star rating (my highest score).

Great way to pass the time

It is fun and makes me work my brain

Fun puzzle

Went through the first 10 puzzles already. Excited to try the rest.


The app is pretty good. It's fun. I would recommend lowering the times for the stars. If i wanted to get five stars I would almost have to replay the level everytime which isn't the point of ranking a time. It should be how fast you complete it on your first try. If you don't allow increasing your rating, you could make the benchmarks a bit easier

Fun brain challenge

This is a challenging game after the first couple levels. It's a fun way to exercise your brain. Definitely will keep at it. Worth downloading! Only at Level 7 so far.

Old Blackhawk fan

You need your thinking cap on to complete. Good App

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