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PIP camera two image into one

PIP camera --- The two images into one image is the best companion for camera! Make your photos extra fun with creative shots! To get the magic photograph in real-time.
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Photo & Video Free Zhiyong Ma iPhone, iPad, iPod

The new art feeling which mixes various photos is very pleasant. really easy to be done for everyone.
help video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjelBx79NG0
Support load image from camera roll.
Support export photo to facebook,twitter,email,camera roll.
Support Front and back camera .

1, photography or load background image
2, photography or load another image
3, export photo


Stupid this is not good it is so stupid

Stupid this is not good it is so stupid

Girl love rules

This is so boring no video making don't get this.

What the heck?

I am completely confused.. Is the $4.99 price to export one photo? This says the app is $4.99. I was playing around with it and made a nice picture.. I tried to save it, I got a message that I needed to purchase the full version. Ok, fine, I went to do exactly that and the message I got next said something like it was $4.99 to export ONE picture.. As nice as the picture was, I refuse to pay $5 bucks for each picture I create and want to export. So, until this issue is addressed, I am giving this app only one star..

Awesome Video Maker

😢this app does not do what I want it to do😡

Pip camera

It would be ok but when you try to save or upload to fb it lets Ya know you have to get full version to do so. I'm uninstalling😞

Not Wild About It

Not user friendly. Uninstalling

Not too Happy

Not user friendly. You can't adjust or edit the photo's down to make the photo flow fluently. And it keeps shutting off.

A toy? Not a double exposure

Play, pay and maybe can save? Not likely, particularly since it makes no sense. It seems that I can load a picture from my photos and then have a Background from my environment and that's it so it's not a double exposure.