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Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Use Pinterest to make meals, plan travel, do home improvement projects and more.
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With Pinterest you can:

• Plan a project: Home remodels, garden redesigns and other DIYs

• Get creative ideas: Recipes to cook, articles to read, gifts to buy and ways to save money

• Explore a hobby: From comic art and camping, to woodworking and weaving

• Save travel inspiration: Outdoor adventures, family fun, road trips and more

• Find your style: Fashion, home decor, grooming tips and beauty inspiration

• Pin from your mobile browser: Save good things you find around the web


A little problem

It seems that I'm able to type messages if i tap “add a message” a couple times (its slow) but it wont let me send them.. any help?

Love it

Love Pinterest

Slow and laggy

I have the iPhone 7 and every time I try to zoom in on a picture it freaks out and freezes and a bunch of little glitches in the app

Enough of auto play video ads

So this is what I do.....listen to music and browse Pinterest. Can’t even do that now because video ads auto play and turn my music off. VERY FRUSTRATING! Please consider a fix!


With each new update I dislike Pinterest more and more. And now with this most recent update I can’t even search anything that doesn’t have a price???? It’s utterly ridiculous. And as a long time user I think I’m done.

what happened?

idk what happened with the new update, but now when i attempt to search for something.. say a recipe, no results show up. and this is a search i have made before and tons of results appeared and now im only getting one result for a princess crown pin???? what happened? does anyone know how to fix this??

Buyable pins 🙄

Let me start off by saying, I do enjoy Pinterest. Not so much as of late but normally I do enjoy it. I’m not sure what’s going on but all I see is buyable pins. They are everywhere. I can look up any random idea and only see buyable pins. It’s not checked in the filter section, I updated, and even went to the help center. I’m not on Pinterest to buy things. Pinterest developers, can you please fix this bug?

Don’t be a slave to Pinterest!

I’m so sick of being a slave to Pinterest. Every time I turn on my phone there’s a blinding red “1” on my homepage forcing me to look at what other people have pinned, (99% of whom I don’t know) I’ve started letting the big red numbers grow just to see how much Pinterest bombards us in a week. (I wonder how long to 1,000.)


This app gives you a satisfactory variety of creative ideas.

Press and Re-pin
Malorie Heart

Hi! Still love your app! I don’t know if my app is acting out a little, or you have changed it yet again.. but I really liked the press down the pin to instantly re-pin..!! Please add that feature again! Thanks!!