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Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Use Pinterest to make meals, plan travel, do home improvement projects and more.
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With Pinterest you can:

• Plan a project: Home remodels, garden redesigns and other DIYs

• Get creative ideas: Recipes to cook, articles to read, gifts to buy and ways to save money

• Explore a hobby: From comic art and camping, to woodworking and weaving

• Save travel inspiration: Outdoor adventures, family fun, road trips and more

• Find your style: Fashion, home decor, grooming tips and beauty inspiration

• Pin from your mobile browser: Save good things you find around the web


My review of Pinterest

Love using this app!! Will never get tired of using it!! Love creating boards!! 😊

But a 5 for substance,

So, I like Pinterest, but I was running out of space on my iPhone 6 and deleted the app because I can see my pins via my browser. But every freakin time I went via the browser it would automatically redirect to the App Store. I really, really, really really hated it, so that even when I had the space I refused to be bullied into downloading the app. This is how something awesome can become a menace and lose followers. No one likes to be manipulated. Even electronically. Also suddenly the Pinterest app has auto playing videos. I need to be able to turn off auto play.

My go to

I love looking on Pinterest for the latest trends n ideas for every day life!

I really hate your app

I have never been so annoyed with an app in my life. I can’t click on a link that is connected to Pinterest on iPhone’s safari without it automatically opening up the Pinterest app. So I go to your app and what I am looking for isn’t there and then I can’t find it. I have deleted your app and decided not to use your website months ago. Of course today I was looking up ideas for an event I am hosting and here we go again. So annoying!!!!

Saving is important
Kozhen sarok alkurdi

This great website and great app need a saving functionality. It’d attract many more people.

Benefits of Pinterest

Great items throughout!

I hate it

I was just looking at tattoos and it brought up nude girls I hate this app and will never use it again

Great ideas
3rd wise woman

Love to find ideas on Pinterest. Brainstorming at its best.

Great idea but…
Alaskan Cabbie

I absolutely 100% hate the fact that I HAVE to have an account to view anything on this... I do have an account but sometimes I’m on my computer or our business phone that my acct isn’t on and I can’t view anything because I’m not logged in. If someone sends me something on Pinterest I’d like to just be able to look at it without all the hassle.


Very helpful app