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Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. Use Pinterest to make meals, plan travel, do home improvement projects and more.
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With Pinterest you can:

• Plan a project: Home remodels, garden redesigns and other DIYs

• Get creative ideas: Recipes to cook, articles to read, gifts to buy and ways to save money

• Explore a hobby: From comic art and camping, to woodworking and weaving

• Save travel inspiration: Outdoor adventures, family fun, road trips and more

• Find your style: Fashion, home decor, grooming tips and beauty inspiration

• Pin from your mobile browser: Save good things you find around the web


Good Needs Changes

Everyone loves Pinterest but there are some quirks that are super annoying about the app. Recently, I’ve noticed that the ads that show up are often very LOUD and can startle you if you’re swiping through search results and so far I haven’t figured out how to put them on mute without muting each one or muting my entire phone. Aside from occasionally startling me, it would just be nice to be able to mute it in case I am someplace browsing the app and I don’t want a loud commercial to start playing out of nowhere. It would be nice if you could leave the Pinterest app open, do other things on your device and come back to Pinterest to resume where you left off but within a few minutes it seems, Pinterest resets and you have to start your search all over again. It can kind of ruin an otherwise good experience.


I love the app it’s awesome, but I don’t like this new update it makes it hard to look at the post and to download a picture.

This is the WORST app

It will not let you sign in


Please bring back the feature that lets a user remake a board with the same name as a previously deleted board. I accidentally deleted a board and haven’t been able to remake it. I would like to be able to remake it.


Where are all of my boards?

Stuff - Pinterest is good for a lot of stuff viewing
Masie Head

It looks like the pictures are live and lit


Ok I love Pinterest but I’m not in love with this weeks update, the bottom bar is too small and now it just looks like it’s in the way of everything

Not Working

Not working

Ability to delete notifications

Not only can I not delete rude comments and tags of my username but despite the fact that I blocked a user that is harassing me I still see their comments in my notifications. I cannot check my notifications without seeing the tags and rude messages which makes it unpleasant to use Pinterest right now. I go there for a peaceful place to get ideas and I’ll stop using it if I have no better control over what I’m being forced to see and put up with


It keeps choosing topics for me and every time I try to unfollow topics it just keeps following them anyway.