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Pin Score Saver - by Tiny Pin

Save & manage your pinball scores
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Productivity Free N-Vision Internet Solutions iPhone, iPad, iPod

features :
- Save scores per machine
- All your highscore at a glance
- Generate graphs from your scores
- No internet connection required
- Swipe through scorelists of machines
- Add locations or events
- Edit/Delete scores
- Add note to scores
- Edit/Delete machines
- Add note to machines
- Add note to venue or event
- Big buttons for easy score entry
- Remember last machine - handy if you play a machine often
- Export/Import scores to/from email : backup your scores


Number of bugs in this update

Putting in names of places sometimes revert back to the original sign in in the old version. JLS for me which I would change to where the score came from but names that were accepted in the old version are not always accepted in this version and change it back to JLS. This was on my iPhone 6. I tried it on my iPad mini and you cannot get rid of the test place - it will not delete and the menus to delete it will not come up. I tried it on my iPod 6 gen but it does not work at all - kept getting totally blank screens when trying to use the menus. Also I could not import it to a clean app on my iPad mini but it will not work as it did work under the old version.

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