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PicZee Free - The cool and fun photo jigsaw puzzle

*** FREE version to help you explore what PicZeeing™ is all about!
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PicZee™ is a whole new way to play unlimited puzzles with your favorite photos in your iPhone or iPod albums! You can create jigsaw puzzles with photos on the fly! Gather everyone in your party and have fun snapping each person's funny poses with your iPhone and have them solve their pictures in PicZee to see how they compete in PicZee hall of fame. This is a riot in parties!

Unlike other puzzles out there PicZee's new way of playing makes it no longer a struggle to manage heaps of puzzle pieces. With PicZee, you view all pieces at once, swapping positions as you drag-n-drop.

PicZee features intuitive-smart-play. All game settings are totally flexible and interchangeable, as you like. Shake to shuffle the picture tiles at any time. Stuck at a tile in suspense? Double tap it to see where it should go. Need help sorting out a complex game? Try full hint to let PicZee solve from where you are and bring you back. All hints show moves with cool animation. PicZee's smart tracking and fun messages alert or entertain you throughout the game as you race against scores in dashboard.

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Following are the features in the free version:

> Up to 9 piece puzzles
> 7 sample cool pictures to choose from settings
> Single picture tile hint or full solution hint with cool animation
> Shake-to-shuffle game pieces
> Very easy to use drag-n-drop snap-in-place touch interface that swaps picture tiles
> Online help
> Hall of fame that maintains across games sessions and allows clearing scores
> Intuitive-scoring starts from high score and ticks down as you race to solve
> Sound feedback on right move versus wrong as well as starting and solving PicZee
> Play with unlimited puzzles from your own photo albums!

Additional features in the Pro version:
> Use camera within PicZee to take a picture and instantly start playing.
> Save your interesting scrambled photos to your photo album
> Play up to 64 piece puzzles with various combination of rows and columns
>Free future upgrades

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It's ok

Botos opinion



It's pretty cool

Whaz up this is elliot from stcharlea

Ummmmmm... How about cooliris? Is the contest for the I pod or something?


Keni40, You will certainly love the paid version. It will be far from boring as it lets you play with 64 game pieces.


don't like it

boring :/

only get it if you are in love with watching fish swim around in circles... if not, it's stupid. dont get it.

fun app

My daughter loves this app. Lots of fun! I also found other great apps. One is called ichore. The other is Rewards and Consequences. These are must have apps for parents.


This game is a waste of space it closes every time you want to do your own pic


The dumb thing closes if u try to use ur own pix. Never get this!

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