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Piazza is the leading social learning platform for higher education, used by hundreds of thousands of students and more than 15 thousand professors for centralized class communications and polling. If you're a student, the Piazza app lets you ask and answer questions in all your Piazza classes from your mobile device, and updates you in real time when your peers are engaged. If you're an instructor, the app gives you a simple way to check in on your students during those spare moments between meetings. Stay connected to your class with Piazza!
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Doesn't Open

Not good

Web page is better to use

Piazza is great, but this app is not.
A reviewing muffin

Piazza is a fantastic resource in all of my classes, but I have been disappointed by the mobile app. Instructor answers to follow up questions are not highlighted, the editor for creating a new question/ responding to a question is very clunky and lacks nearly all of the formatting options provided on desktop, and the overarching interface feels more like a half-baked mobile website than a dedicated app. Really hoping this is updated and improved at some point.

Nothing works

The mobile app is absolutely terrible. Changing email settings doesn't work, currently enrolled classes is outdated, and I can't add them without finding some access key

Roll back to old version
Jersey Jimbolito

This new version is terrible. Missing all sorts of functionality.

Two steps forward, one step back

The new version of this app is pretty, but is more unstable than ever, and seems to still be out of sync from the standard web app, at least in terms of functionality. It's great to be able to get push notifications, but that's all this app is consistently great for. Piazza, why not open up an API so we can develop the proper iOS client?

New update is terrible

The new update is terrible. So complicated to know your way around. It needs a catalogue just to Know how to get to where want. The notifications doesn't work properly. You can't open links in safari or any other browser. Your stuck in this terrible app forever

Latest Update Frustrating

The latest update unnecessarily harder to use than before. Before the layout was very similar to the website with each section clearly marked and the default page being the classes page. When I'm signed up for several different classes that use piazza, there are tens of erroneous posts made per hour so the activity feed is usually too frustrating to sort through to be useful. It would be nice to choose which page is your starting page. Also, on the individual class pages, pinned posts vs regular posts are as clearly separated as they were before. I have to look a lot harder to skip over the pinned posts I've seen a hundred times and find the new posts I'm actually looking for. Overall a big step backward in terms of functionality with the latest update. Update: search functionality just breaks the app now..

Incredibly slow when scrolling threads

With this new design the app is slower and harder to navigate. I hope an update solve it. Now I have to open my computer anytime I want to enter in piazza

Usable, but needs improvement

While I enjoy the new iOS 7/8 redesign, functionality is pretty weak. You cannot hide old classes without deleting them in the default "all activity" tab. Navigating is quick, but somehow not very intuitive. Definitely not a substitute for the desktop web app, but will work in a pinch. I guess I just wish the app worked more like an email app with folders for each class, and intuitive navigating. Overall: nice looking and usable, but needs improvement to be able to replace the desktop web app.