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The PhotoTouch is the photo editing tool which can easily perform the editing of the photograph in iPhone/iPod Touch.
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Photo & Video Free Looped Picture Company iPhone, iPad, iPod

Good editorial from simple editing to be widely available.
The more beautiful the pictures, and unique, artistic editing...
After your purchase, you can use richer features. ('In App Purchase' after install)

*Correspond to the 4-inch display of iPhone5!

= Basic function =
- You can perform a photo editing just to be involved from 30 kinds, 59 menus.
- You can choose the photograph from 'Photos' App, camera, or PhotoTouch albums.
- Resize (half, quarter) of photograph before reading.
- Resize (half, quarter and wallpaper size)of photograph before saving.*1
- Real size and Preview size photo pixel size indication.
- One shot Undo.
- Short help manual.
- Attach photo when send mail from PhotoTouch.
- Attached photograph when send e-mail from PhotoTouch.*1

= PhotoTouch Albums =
- Multi PhotoTouch album management.
- Password lock for folder.
- The thumbnail indication of the album. (Thumbnail on/off)
- The transmission and reception of the photograph by other iPhone using Bluetooth.
- The preview of the photographs in the album.
- Photographs import from 'Photos' App to an PhotoTouch album.
- Export of a photographs stored in an PhotoTouch Albums to 'Photos' App.*1
- Photograph (image data) Paste to PhotoTouch Album from clipboard.
(Photograph Copy from other iPhone application (EX: Safari). )

= Tools =
- Crop
- Rotation Crop
- Rotate (Select background color.)
- Square Crop
- Object Delete
- Gray Mask
- Paint
- Stamp (You can use the original stamp of 120.)
- Text (Text Draw Tool.)

= Twitter =
- Tweet with the photograph. (iOS5)*1

= Instagram =
- Send photograph to the Instagram App from PhotoTouch.*1

= facebook =
- Upload photos to facebook from PhotoTouch.*1
(You must be logged in to facebook from your iPhone.)

= Print =
- Print Photo from AirPrint.

- Photograph Effects -

Automatic compensation
- Automatic color correction
- Automatic contrast correction

Color equation
- The contrast is up or down.
- Easy Brightness (for iPhone Camera Photos)
- Looped Picture Company Color Revision (for Sky image.)
- The saturation is up or down.
- Brightness or darkens it (The whole, the gamma, and the skin area).

Edge filter
- Sharp (soft/hard)
- Soft Focusing (Three type logic).
- Soft Focus (Frame, Lens, Skin)
- Mosaic (large/smallness)
- Mosaic on Face (Automatic face detect)
- Big Eye
- Blacksaic (Expansion black) and Busaiku (Ugly)

Color Effect
- Grayscale and sepia (blue and green usually)
- Nega/Posi reversing
- Solarization
- Absolute
- Color step (8 / 16 / 32 Colors)
- Gradation (black, cyanogen, magenta, and yellow)
- Nostalgic
- Power Light

Pixel Movement
- Right and left reversing, upper and lower reversing, sin curve, and division into four / Five
- Thin Face, Fat Face,Thin Body(for whole body), and Fat Body(for whole body)

- Frame (Fine/Bold) Drawing
- Oval Frame Drawing
- Circle and X Drawing
- Draw X on face (Automatic face detect)
- Drop Shadow
- Edge Painting (White/Black line)
- Cell Paint

*1 You can use a PhotoTouch after the purchase. ('In App Purchase' after install)

*Each Effects may not function by the state of the photograph well.

- A lot of bug fixes.
- Add Paint tool. Overlay Painting.
- Add Stamp tool. You can use the original stamp of 120.
- Add Text Draw tool.


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