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How often have you had to delete old photos and videos to free up space on your device?
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Photo & Video Free Stanislav Potemkin iPhone, iPad, iPod

This common, and often inconvenient, practice tends to be tedious and time-consuming.

Photornado seeks to simplify and speed up this process by helping you find, compare, and delete unneeded media files.

Some of its features:
- Quickly select dozens of files
- Compare specific areas of similar photos
- Sort photos by their type and date of creation
- Categorize media by “Favorites”, “Longest Videos”, “Duplicates“, and “Serial Shots”
- Automatically determine whether a photo has relation to "Low Light", "Selfies", "Documents", or "Photos in Company"
- Use swipe gestures to navigate between media
- Use compact landscape mode for smaller devices
- Confirm media deletions only once
- Cancel any deletions by shaking your device
- Save deleted files in the trash bin between each app launch
- Share any interesting media files with friends

You can find more details about features on our website.


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