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Photomath is free iOS app published by Photomath, Inc.



It’s trash



Is works a lot! But for some reason it did not work on word problems but it’s good!🤍

I give it a 5 star


Why because it’s good and it actually works when I got it I thought it was fake with you when I try to use it it was actually doing the work it works good for highschoolers and especially for middle schools so I give this a five star

Love the app 5 stars


It really motivates me and makes me want to get my work done and the best thing of all they actually explain it to you so you can learn instead of just getting answers

It’s ok


It helps with my homework but I would like it more if it was able to scan word problems also some of the solving steps are not shown because I don’t pay. Overall it’s pretty good. I would recommend.



This app helps a lot it got me though hard times

great app


this prolly the only reason i passed



Helpful sometimes, not helpful other times. It’s great when it works and lets you do the math and even explains how you do it. Please don’t use it to cheat though...

Issa ab

issa ab

It’s so good

The app


The app is amazing I love it