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Photomath is the world's smartest camera calculator! Simply point the phone’s camera toward a math problem and Photomath will magically show the result with detailed step-by-step solution.
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Our new math keyboard can be used to easily edit or type in math problems. With the new keyboard, Photomath can replace calculator and will become your everyday learning companion.

Millions of students worldwide use Photomath to help them when they are stuck with a math problem. And many parents use it too!

Photomath currently supports arithmetics, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, equation systems and several functions like logarithms. More complex problems like integrals, trigonometry and derivatives are also supported but currently without detailed solving steps. Support for new math is constantly added as we aim to pack in more and more math knowledge.

Reading handwritten text with the camera is not yet supported, but you can now use the math keyboard to enter any problem you want.

Photomath is not fully magical (yet) and it is possible to find a math problem our app will not recognize. If this happens, please send us feedback. With your help, our team of wizards will add new spells to Photomath and make it even more magical in the future. :)


5 Stars. ????

This app's really helpful, you guys should get this app, it's amazing.

Great App

Great App! A must use

Great for Checking your own work!
jake from statefarm 11

This tool (yes, it's only a tool) doesn't replace the necessity to figure out problems on your own... Don't take it for granted and use it to review your own hard work!

América Covarrubias

This app has really help me in school, i love that gives step by step

Super Good!
BumbleBee :D

I've been using this for awhile now and it's really good! It can solve many number problems and can read your handwriting. It's also cool how you get PhotoMath+ free for about 2 months (at least for me) so you can get step by step answers to help you out on studying. Now I will some "suggestions" though. I heard that PhotoMath+ is a monthly payment, and I'd think it would be better just to pay up front and be done with it. Also it can't solve all equations like word problems but hey, it's only a computer :) Also it tends to solve them in a different way kind of so me being at a school with common core, I can't necessarily use the step by step help sometimes. I just wish you could pick a style of math to solve it. That's all! If you need an app to use, pick this one, its over all ratings are 5 stars for a reason ;)

Photomath +...

From what I've seen, Photomath will now be something you need to pay for to be good. Now that you have to buy something to explain problems for you like it did and has features just made his app a lot worse. It's sad that they did this, should've stuck with ads... Used to be a five but now it's a two.


The best school helping app there is..????


No ads and you don't have to pay!!!

Best Math App
Alex xxxxxx

Regardless of the use you need the app for, it will be up to par. With very little mistakes, this app has helped me out with anything from solving a problem I didn't know, to teaching me things I didn't know. Thank you for this app, all I can recommend is fixing the problem it has with putting in wrong numbers occasionally.

So very helpful
Drummer A

This app has helped so much, it is awesome!!