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"Children's phone for kids" is a developing and teaching game for young preschool children, with which you can easily and cheerfully learn numbers, get acquainted with animals and the sounds that they publish.
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Why is it exactly our game?
1. Has a very simple and intuitive interface, which is easy to understand the baby from 1 year, tk. our game "children's phone" was created in close cooperation of children's illustrators and teachers.
2. Your baby will get acquainted with 20 changes, both domestic and wild.
3.It can study the sounds of animals. In our game, your baby can choose any animal, such as an elephant or fox, by clicking on the appropriate picture and name it, and the animal will respond to the child's published characteristic sounds. In turn, any animal can call the kid at any time, and the child will have to answer and talk with the beast. What will greatly please your baby.
4. Learn the numbers for kids. Children love developing games for children, as well as playing the phone and clicking on the buttons. Our working phone for children is an interactive phone for kids, in which you can click on the multi-colored buttons with the image of numbers and thus learn the numbers from 0 to 9.
5. Play phone for kids trains fine motor skills, develops intelligence, memory, logic, mindfulness, curiosity.
All our development games for children can be downloaded absolutely free of charge, which will help you save your family budget and get training games for children of high quality. Download
Our toy phone has great entertainment potential. We not only teach animals and sounds, but also numbers for kids, but also entertain the baby. The children's music phone is set up in such a way that the animals will call themselves from time to time. The game of calling animals will not let the baby get bored under any circumstances.

How to play a children's phone:
First of all you need to download the game a children's phone. A children's mobile phone meets the kid with a beautiful interface with bright multi-colored buttons. Navigation game phone for children is very simple. When you press the yellow button with the handset, the cheerful phone shows the phone book in the form of cards with animals. When you click on the image of any animal you like, baby's background will start ringing him. Playing animals for kids sounds in no way will ignore the baby's call, and the animal will surely answer. When you click on the blue button with the image of the note, the baby's background starts playing music notes, starting with the number 1 and then in the reverse order. When you click on the blue button "play" a child's phone with songs, and pleasant music will be heard. The child's play phone will show animations with buttons that the toddler will need to click on.


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