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"Children's phone for kids" is an entertaining and educational game for preschool children, which suits children from 1 year old. Our training application will introduce your child to numbers and animals, and also help to develop memory, attention and fine motor skills.
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Advantages of the game "children's phone":
- We study the animals and the sounds they make.
Our game allows you to call any animal in the phone book. Thanks to this, the child will hear how the dog barks, the pig grunts, the cow mumbles, the sheep bleat and other animals "speak".
- Learn the numbers. When the kid includes a children's melody, the numbers on the screen begin to move, allowing children to easily memorize them.
- We train intellectual abilities - logic, memory, attention, concentration. Thanks to the built-in games in which the child will play to train fine motor skills and reaction speed. All these abilities will help the child to learn better at school in the future.
- Our "children's phone" offers training in different languages ​​- Russian, English, Spanish and others. The toy phone will allow you to learn many new words both in native and in foreign languages. This will not only replenish the vocabulary, but also expand the outlook of the baby.

Our application can be recommended as an educational game for kids from 1 year to 4 years;

The game has a great entertainment potential, because animals for children have prepared many pleasant surprises. They from time to time will call the phone for children and talk with the baby in their own language, which will definitely cause delight in the crumbs.
Also all our development games, including the "phone for children", have a very simple and intuitive interface. From the first seconds after the start of the game, the kid will figure out how to play it.

You can download the game "children's phone" completely free of charge and it will be an excellent find for parents and other close relatives of the child who are engaged in the development of the baby from an early age, actively using the smartphone for classes. The game is so fascinating that it will take the kid for quite a long time, and adults will be able to do their own thing while the child plays a useful game, learning and developing at the same time.


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