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Don’t you wish you could get all the little stray cats and dogs off the streets and give them a cozy place to stay? Well now you can do it in Pet Home ! Make sure they’re cared for properly by creating the perfect home for them.
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Games Free SIMPLE GAME GLOBAL LIMITED iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Game Highlights *
- Lots of cute little pets waiting for you to take care of them!
- Pick out the best baskets and habitats for your animals to live in.
- Buy awesome furniture and decorations to make your home nice and cozy.
- Breed the pets to get cool new ones!
- Show off your pets to all your friends on Facebook.
- Enjoy the super cute pet noises!


Best pet game ever

It mite have some adds but it makes me feel like I'm really taking care these pets: my four dogs,my six cats,my one bunny and my one bird so I tell you you should buy this gameπŸ˜ŠπŸ“πŸ“©

I love it
Julia bene

This game is perfect for kids and adults it's a fun and easy game and you learn how to take care of different animals

Fun and addicting game!
Mary Law

Only con is that it drains my battery in spite of phone being plugged in and charging. I tried closing the app and leaving it closed for several hours but my battery is drained to 12%. Unfortunately, I have to delete this game.

Love it

Good game come join now

wow game is back in 2016
dan the minecart

wow back that game is back i rember i was young kid i was 5 year old now im 13 year old

The adds to gain bells are inappropriate

My child watches adds to get bells in the game and they show bloody sniper game videos as adds for a 4+ game. Completely inappropriate

Cute, non money-grubbing game!

I had wanted to download a pet shop app for a little while now, but all my previous tries had had bad reviews. This game is a cute little time-waster that doesn't grub for money. Well done! I must say, though, I am a bit confused because you can cross two cats and get a bird or breed two different species together, ;) I'm willing to overlook a small unrealistic bit though.

Wifi can't play πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘

I love the game, the only thing is, that when I put on wifi it doesn't work

Cute but

I loved the cute animals and everything but... the game overall is just very complicated to play


It is a cutie game. If the animals can interact with us that will be good.