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Tend your own flock of cute, interactive penguins. Take full control of the village by adding interactive items, breeding, feeding, and trading your penguins with friends. Play minigames and level up yourself and your penguins.
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Games Free TriggerWave LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Free to play
• Take care of fully interactive, cute penguins
• See through your penguins' eyes and tell them where to go!
• Add interactive items to your iceberg like JETPACKS & SLIDES
• Visit your friends' icebergs and play with their penguins
• Play minigames with your penguins (8 and counting!)
• Breed and collect the rarest penguins
• Celebrate by shooting off spectacular fireworks!
• Decorate and customize your iceberg and make it totally yours


Science experiment

Awwwwww the penguins are so cute:) they are my favorite animal nothing like this game relaxes me. Edit: please make this game compatible with IOS 11 please as i can no longer play this game because of it

Thank You!

Please update the game. I think it’s been like 5 years since I’ve played it, because it isn’t compatible with iOS 11. Other than that, it is a really cute game! Great job πŸ‘πŸ»


Hey, this is an amazing game and I really want to keep playing it, but it won’t work on iOS until you upgrade the game. Please upgrade <3

Upgrade to iOS 11

Loved it on my phone before iOS 11 came out. If you upgrade it to work on iOS 11. 5/5

I can't get on!!!

I got this game because it looks fun, but its not. When it downloaded I turned on the app and it showed a screen where there was a black and white penguin, a rainbow penguin, and a turquiose penguin, froze, then kicked me out of the game, then my iPad crashed. I deleted the game multiple times and restarted my iPad. Then I went back on the app and the same thing happened. If you are going to get this game, I think you shouldn't, after what happened to me. It was amazing I could get on my iPad afterwards, let alone write this review. Therefore, this game is a failure and I am disappointed.


Please update the game!! I used to play it all the time on my iPad, but now that I got a phone that’s updated I can’t play it. Please update!!

Update please
FOR DAT 1000 !!!!!!! Coins

Please update your game so I can play it on my new phone!!! This was my favorite game but now I can only play on my iPad

Great game one question

I love the game it is super fun but how do you go to your other icebergs if you have more than one other than that great game someone please answer my question


As you see on title I can not play! This because the developer DID NOT MAKE IT COMPATIBLE WITH IOS 11!! I AM TRYING TO GET THE DEVELOPER TO LOOK AT THIS AND MAKE IT COMPATIBLE WITH IOS 11 SO I CAN PLAY!! Note to developer:I will change my review into 5 stars and write good things about it but the developer HAS/MUST make it compatible with iOS 11 first.


Help I can't get into the game it says I need wifi when I have it and I can't get into the game.