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Penguin Fiesta

Tap to navigate your penguin to collect egguins and bonuses, but avoid the seals! Twelve unique levels, three stages of difficulty, and four playing modes, (including a Sandbox mode for Free Play). Suitable for all ages! Younger kids love the Sandbox mode!
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Games $1.99 Alftenix Arts iPhone, iPad, iPod

Full Game:
Level 1 - Collect Egguins and Bonuses!
Level 2 - Avoid Ice Holes!
Level 3 - Dodge the Racing Seals!
Level 4 - Avoid Ice Blocks!
Level 5 - Brave the Snowstorm!
Level 6 - Collect Yummy Fish!
Level 7 - Enjoy the Winter Night!
Level 8 - Don't Get Stuck by Cactus!
Level 9 - Accelerating Seals - They Speed Up!
Level 10 - Invite Penguins Buddies to the Party! Avoid Meany!
Level 11 - Super Bonus Round! Avoid Plucky!
Level 12 - Krazy Final Round!

Stay alive as long as you can! Level changes randomly with every 10 egguins collected.

Single Level:
Choose any level for a High Score challenge!

Sandbox Mode:
Practice at any difficulty but don't worry about scores! In FreePlay mode, there are no enemies -- (perfect for the younger kids)!


Penguin fiesta

Fun and fast paced

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