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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

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Game sometimes locked too long for game to move forward gets boring

Fun game


It’s a fun game. But I think they are trying to get you to go online with people because you can’t get enough “prizes” on your own. They make it very difficult. I used to play more, but I’ve stopped playing as much because I’m just looking to jump on line for a as few minutes not invest 30 min or more.


[email protected]

I had to start over because my old phone broke and I played so long that I forgot different passwords but hope to catch up one day or be restored to my previous position with Pearl.

A total rip-off


I had to spend money to get to higher levels, just to find out that boosters don’t work. Then I got to where you have to attach a rope to both a boat and a car. You can’t do it. And the hidden object scenes are becoming ridiculously difficult. I play games to relax, not to become exasperated. Skip it.


lexi 60

I Purchased your sale for $1.99 I’ve done it twice now and it’s not giving me I want my money back all four bucks!!

What’s going on?


This game would be very fun but it freezes at random times during the game, which in a timed trial scenario, is not only frustrating but less then ideal for scoring. The game doesn’t need an update and I am on the most current iOS. Can’t understand why this game has so many issues while an almost exact same game by same company, June’s Journey never has any issues. Needs a lot of work



It is awesome

Pearls peril


I enjoy playing the game and understand you are in it to make money but I don’t spend money to play games. Having more latitude to continue playing for free would be great otherwise I will be deleting this game as I’m tired of picking up coins week after week just to get enough money to buy more decorations etc to open up playing ability. Thank you.



This game freezes all the time

Pearls peril


I love a little slower game which gives me a chance to get somewhere in this great game. I’m a leagally blind gamer and I am so happy that this game is not only chalking but this certainly great for everyone to play