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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh



Where is my progress? I switched phones and everything is gone!

Fun but it needs more


I love this type of games and I really like this game a lot and I used to play it years ago and I download it again a month ago. Please try to find a solution for the jamming because it keeps reloading and I keep losing energy. Make the game a little harder and raise the points so i can get more coins. There is not much things to buy to raise my pink flower so i can open more levels. Also i want to redecorate my town but every time I press something it open another thing and that make me mad. And why is the only way to get tickets is by buying them or wining the challenge i mean like i have 3 tickets and i have to play more than that to just get 5 tickets at the end and then there is more to play and i have so little ? please develop it more and more because I really like it and I don’t want to delete it.

Great game


I love this game so much I’m doing my 11th round. Keep up the great work Wooga!



I love this game but you need to do an upgrade.

Pearls Perils

Wren's Kimmy

I enjoyed this game for months then last night I could get game to load. To it said I needed to login with FB. It started the game from the beginning like I’d just got it. Lost everything, no happy and not deleting it. You lost a customer.

Pearls peril


This is my third restart of the game. I do not get tired of playing this game and I challenge myself to play better the only thing I wish was different is that we could transfer our final score and awards to the next game


Erin Reads

Very fun game. It seems to freeze up often. Otherwise wonderful!

Great game!


I played one game of pearls peril all the way through form bugging to end a few years ago. It was quite a challenge and very entertaining. After I finished it, I missed playing it. So after a few month I downloaded it again. I’m enjoying the new storyline. Just as I had earned ah hour of free play, the app crashed and I haven’t been able to open it up again. It’s extremely frustrating! I had to download a bran new game; starting from the beginning. I haven’t deleted the first game because I’m always hoping it will open one day. It’s very addictive. Well done guys!. Is there a way to reopen or re-download a crashed game?



I used to like the game more but there are now issues with delays due to the session freezing. It has an affect on the timing and points.

Great game

Donna Roe

Love it