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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Game screwed me

Marty Fornwalt

I have been playing this game for a long time! It then, one day! Started me back at th beginning, like I had never played.

Too slow to build


I love this game. What I don’t love is it takes much too long to build up enough coins to buy the remaining buildings and if I had the coins….. I can’t clear land! Everything is too expensive, and I don’t mean using cash money I mean using coin money.



Learn how to treat your players. Don't insist that each player contact you for credit when it's a system-wide breakdown!

No tech response after 3 days of problem.


3 days ago our adventure group suffered a game wide problem that the new weeks adventure kept showing 627/627 points achieved no time left and whenever you went there it. Would flash new prize over and over again. Despite msgs to Wooga no reply.

Too Small for the iPad

Ariel Stardust

This game won’t enlarge on my iPad like June’s Journey. That’s somewhat disappointing. It’s smaller on my iPad than on my phone even. I like the game, but would like it to work on my iPad and be larger when I use it on my larger device. June’s Journey is a bit better because it works on my iPad better.

Enjoy game but is too expensive to play for a long period of time


Very entertaining game but it needs more water levels for free



Through various pop-ups, that I have asked to STOP, they steal your hard earned game cash for small amounts of energy. I have (8) FREE HOUR LONG TOKENS, plus numerous other stores time tokens. I DO NOT NEED TO BUY ENERGY!! STOP AND RESTORE MY GAME CASH

What ya gonna do?


It’s to hard to buy enough stuff to get more land,price is outrageous and the puzzle is always the same shape


judybell 4

I have been playing for a long time