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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh




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Please, please, please stop showing me how to play the new version every time I open Pearl (desktop version). Once is enough. If Edwin tells me I’ve unlocked collections one more time I’m going to scream. Leon keeps telling me to watch videos but they don’t work. The Captain’s Challenge has a button that says Free Play but all it does is freeze my game. The Adventure quests are still too difficult. Anything over 800 is just too much. I can’t play your new game about June because Pearl requires too much time. On the good side I appreciate the new island space and being able to store energy. Please consider letting us accept ticket gifts from FB friends even when we have more than the allotted maximum.


Loves Pearl's Peril!???

I love love love it!!!!! It’s so entertaining and so mysterious at the same time. The game is like a murder mystery, you have to find out who killed Pearl’s father. Each clue and scene leaves you on your toes and makes you want to play and discover more! It’s great if you love murder mysteries and games where you look for things that are hidden. Totally recommend it, it’s an A+ in my book!! ??

REALLY $10 to store a building?????


I wish I could give this a negative number. I used to love this game and now I hate it. They advertise for weeks we were going to get more land and could store our buildings... that we have to buy in order to advance. So finally we can store our buildings... FOR $10.00 EACH. YEP TEN DOLLARS EACH. I AM DONE with this app. So sick of the greed.

Good once you get going


Very fun... read the help section to get a better understanding of it.

Sure could use the enlarge option to see the scene which is no longer an option.

AK Dove

Sure could use the enlarge option to see the scene which is no longer an option.

Why do my requests expire?! :(


I really like playing this game, I play every day. First. you should have to confirm purchases with your in game cash. If you accidentally hit the wrong button when you're asking friends for energy you're screwed. Cash gone!! Second, now all of a sudden since the last update my gifts and requests from my friends expire?! Very frustrating!!! I can’t accept all my gifts right away because we aren’t able to get more that 15 energy, so i save them and then they expire! No bueno!! This needy to go back to the way it was!

I used love the game

Flyin pen

I reached level 8 or 9. Spent quite a bit of money on tokens, etc. Then the game was slow starting the next time I opened it and I’m back to the beginning and I’m not starting over again. Thank you.

Pearls Peril for iPhone


Can’t get into game unless I go to Facebook. Hate this.

Pearls peril


Nice relaxing game challenging enough to enjoy