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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Can’t zoom in, can’t get a hold of support for answer


Was a good game, until the ability to zoom in on a picture was not available to me anymore and taking forever to get badge now, VERY FRUSTRATING!!! Don’t like playing anymore. Hopefully there will be updates for the new iPhone X that will fix this issue, otherwise I’m done

Love the app!!


Being a senior citizen, I believe this adventure helps to keep my mind active and helps my memory!!! Thanks for all you do! I have appreciated not having ads!

Update for iPhone


My phone is making me update the game; however, it doesn’t update! And I can’t get into the game at all anymore on my phone! Please help!

The expansion is here!!

Not jank

The latest update has me smiling and planning how to rearrange my island as I open each new section. THANK YOU WOOGA!

Fun but updates kill games


For the third time I have lost my entire game levels by simply updating the game when new versions become available. As good as the graphics and story are it is not worth restarting the entire game following every update! So goodbye Pear!

This is an interesting game


I love this game has been playing this game for almost 2 years . Reached level 43 and the game froze and I have to start the game all over . I love playing it anyway .

Pearl ‘s Peril


I love this game probably too much. I am on it every opportunity because it is just so much fun.

Game won’t load on my IPad Pro and I have cash there


This use to be my favorite game. this game won’t load for several days now almost a week on my iPad Pro. I had to download this on my iPhone to get here to leave a review. So not only can I NOT PLAY. They have captured my MONEY and oh well not fix what ever the problem is with the game loading. Also those clubs which was a good suggestion however the quest are set so unrealistic even with good player and spending our money we cannot and have not won 1 item offered this entire time. Sad business. Pearls Peril have become. #making your players feel perilous ?

Absurd on iPhone X


This used to be my favorite game. Since I upgraded to iPhone X. The resolution isn’t compatible with the new X’s screen, resulting in a very small playing space, the interface shows two rows of items to find instead of one, and the ability to zoom has been removed making it near impossible to identify anything except the largest objects. Practically unplayable now.

Great game


Fun to play. Love the scenes