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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Develop for iPhone X?

Roshan AKash

I’d love if it gets an update for iPhone X. Also, I can’t zoom in while gaming

Pearls peril


Great game, makes you look find and think... a brain workout!

Love it!

Aquamarine Lady

I love this game! It is fun and addictive.I love the scenes and embarking on new adventures. I could play for hours. I would recommend this game to everyone.

The update ruined it

Update disappointing

I LOVED this game until the most recent update. Not being able to zoom in and listing double the amount of objects to find at one time at the bottom makes it visually awful. This was my favorite de-stressor. Now I find searching for the objects in this manner stressful. So disappointed.

iPhone X


Not working as used to since upgrading to iPhone X, hangs up periodically and zoom feature doesn’t work anymore

iPhone X issues

Manda Rose

I have been playing this game for years on my phone above all others, mainly because the display was bright enough to address some of my vision issues. Since upgrading my iPhone to the X, the display is too dark to make playing enjoyable, and I’m not able to close out the game without having to force shut down my phone. I realize these are Apple issues, and I’m sure by now these two issues have been reported and hopefully a resolve will come out soon?

Cheats you


I like the game and the whole setup of the entire thing. However, when I use an energy to play a scene it says I don't have internet connection and forces me out even though I DO have internet connection. It literally cheats me out of an energy. For it to do this constantly it's not worth how much real time this game takes to play it.

Where is the additional land?

Smilen 2

The update said there is more land for those who have run out of space on the island - but I do not see anymore land - where is it - how do we add land?



Fun fun

Where is the new space??

Conway fight

Just got the update but see no difference except initial page.