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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Game freezes too often in the middle of a search


I have enjoyed playing pearls‘s peril, but am frustrated with the frequency with which the screen freezes and you end up losing your energy.

Pearls perils

Fl sleuth.

This is a great story. A mystery, adventure and a challenge, all in one.

Pearl's Peril

Janey Welch

I love this game but I wish it didn't take so long to refill energy.

Length of wait


I open to play the game. If I have to wait for energy I close. I've deleted other games that leave me waiting too long. I log onto other games.



I was enjoying the game, then it seems the game, with its updates, began to lose internet connection every time I played. Contacted support and was told to delete the game then download it again. I did, nothing has changed. I like the game but I’m getting so frustrated with losing energy that takes time to build back up, especially when I’m in the middle of a scene or in the Captains Challenge, those tickets take forever to get. I’m just frustrated!???

Used to Love it~used to be My Favorite Game


I had given this 5 Stars, I had given a great review. However....... this has become a very trying experience. And it’s bad enough that I have had so many problems, now we have to deal with ADS..... I’ve experienced issues several times with my games disappearing, I clear the cache, I do everything they recommend nothing fixes it. I write to tech support it takes days to get an answer. I tell them in my email everything I’ve already done, guess what they tell me.... yes, to do what I’ve done already. Very disappointing!!!! I have over time accumulated 3 one hour unlimited lives. After yesterday’s update, they are gone!!!!! This morning the system kept crashing, taking my lives and telling me to restart. Ok normally I would over look some of this. But with an event going on, you need the lives. I don’t know why they had to do this update when it’s been nothing but problems for many! But I have played 661 days now. On my second round! It’s become a total disappointment. I hope I get my issues resolved so I can change this back to a 5 Star great!

Don't work after halloween update


I have this on my iPhone 7plus and it looks and plays great. I also have this on my Kindle fire and it just stopped working after the Halloween up date. I uninstalled and reinstalled and guess what? Same thing, crashes as soon as it opens! I'm done.

Keeps you on your toes!


Love this game!

Ain’t this great !!


I think so??

Videos offered to watch for "gifts"


It's inappropriate to have videos with scantily clad women in them. This is a game that children play.