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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Developers please read!


I have serious time in this game, I’m on level 36 and it has been one of my favorites. First, I’ve reached a point where all I can do is play levels and this has been for months and months now. I have enough badges to unlock multiple new areas but NEVER receive compasses. My areas are jam packed and the only thing progressing my prestige is the upgradable structures. When those are done, I am going to lose interest fast. I enjoy the decorating aspect of the game and don’t want to just sell everything that I already designed so I have more room. So frustrating! Second, I strongly suggest you change the new feature that automatically gives you hints to something you turn on like to easy mode and not something you have to turn off to get expert mode. This took away any challenge that the game provided and again if I didn’t have so much time in it, I probably would have quickly deleted as a stupid easy game. I only played 3 lives before I looked for a way to turn this off or I would have been done! I really enjoy this game and want to continue on if I can!

I want my cash back. Argh!!


I really like playing this game, I play every day. However, you should have to confirm purchases with your in game cash. If you accidentally hit the wrong button when you're asking friends for energy you're screwed. Cash gone!! I was collecting coins on my island and accidentally hit one of my empty plots and bought all the compasses needed and once again, screwed! Cash gone!! It takes WAY to long to collect cash, it’s too hard to acquire, it should at least need a confirmation to spend. Just a little pop up “are you sure you want to purchase?” Easy-peasy!! Signed, Broke Again :(

It’s OK


I like June’s Journey much better. Some items are dark and hard to see at all. Some are so small it’s hard to touch them unless the scene is enlarged. I prefer to search without the items glowing. I’d rather use the magnifying glass when I’m ready.



Addictive !!!

Addictive Hidden Object Game


I absolutely ❤️ this game, FYI if your a fan of this game you’ll ❤️ June’s Journey also!

Boring and new change spoiled the search


The story line was so drawn out that I lost tract of what was going on and who was who. A new change completely took the fun out of the hunt when after a few seconds the game automatically alerted me to the object's location. I didn't like that change. I went rather far with the game, played everyday for at least four months, but the new change just turned me off totally.

Good graphics, but.....


Takes almost 3 minutes to load & drops connection way too frequently to want to play it anymore.



I guess they didn't learn their lesson from last year. The recent update made the game unplayable.



I really enjoy your game, but get frustrated with it when I don’t have enough prestige points to go onto the next level. I can’t get any prestige points because I can’t fit any more things in my village and I can’t afford to buy anything. I have no t played for about a month because of this.

Pearls peril


Great game