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لايمكن الاحتفاظ بنقاطي في اللعبه


اللعبه مسليه وتعليميه لكن اذا نزلت اللعبه على جهاز ايفون اخر مثلا واردت اللعب فعليك البدأ من جديد اذ لاتتوافر خاصية المزامنه في اللعبه عبر اي كلاود مثلا او اي خاصيه اخرى تضمن احتفاظك بالنقاط التي احرزتها

Much better on the phone ❤️

Ms Babe

Much Better on The Phone❤️

Having problems


I would normally give 5 stars but the game is lagging and freezing up. I’m losing energy and tickets. It’s aggravating. I normally play every day but I’m starting to lose interest Great game just hope it gets fixed soon



I really enjoy passing time in waiting rooms building and searching out hidden items!

Best game


Wonderful game and I love it

Love the game


Just wish I could keep playing and not have to wait for more turns. I do not spend money on games so I have to wait for more plays.

Stuck at 15 tickets


Are they capped? Why? And if they are capped, why do you not tell people so? I love this game, I love my team, but sometimes you guys pretty much shoot yourself in the foot as far as working with the players.

Tech support so-so and inconsistent between devices


Often have problem with tech support that when I write in a problem I often feel they don’t read it, just give a knee jerk response based on key phrases in what I’ve sent. I’ve actually said please have a human read this. Or they’ll ask for information I’ve already given to which I respond read my original question. Frustrating. Sometimes I have to go through 2-3 rounds before they get what I need. Also, it’s inconsistent between devices. They have a new feature called daily deals. I get it on my iPhone but people I know who play on a Note 8, laptop, or iPad don’t get the deal. I’ve complained about this before but during quests I’d like to see them drop Captains Challenge in the tasks. Keep it for the regular game. I find it very frustrating because the CC doesn’t move you through the game and you get tickets MUCH less frequently than energy and I’ve “wasted” up to 30+ tickets after getting into first place. And often CC tasks come one after another. I save my refresh every day in case I get the 20,000,000 point one in the 10 point task but I’ve gotten 6 in a short amount of time on the 1 point and the 3 point is just as bad. Otherwise, it’s a great game. I love it and am on my third time through.


Ms. D Square

Hi I’m Doris with a simple problem; I no longer have Facebook and I want to continue to play my game but can’t because Facebook login is blocking me. There was a time when all I had to do was just go to the game Pearl’s Peril and have fun. Now I’m stuck. Please help. Thank you. Doris Gelsey Ps... I love your games and would love to continue to play but I am unable to please help me to restore without starting over. Once that is done then the five star rating will be given. Thanks again.

Habit Forming! Great Therapy!


I love this game. Simple as that! I have never been a game player until I found this one. I love the whole concept of the game. I love the story but most of all I love that I can play this game for cognitive therapy. I can loose myself in the game and am learning to not focus on my pain. My brain is focused on just the game. It’s also wonderful for the hand eye coordination. I know most people don’t care or have this issue but for anyone that does it’s been a wonderful discovery of a game I can actually play as well as enjoy while having a mini therapy session. Thank you P. P. For many wonderful hours together and for many many more in the future.