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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Pearl’s Peril


I have been playing this game for years and I enjoyed it. But now I am stuck and unable to advance to the next venture. I have been stuck and it won’t let travel to the next chapter. I am unable to advance to Yogoslavia (chapter 50)??

In the beginning


At first the game was great fun but after 8 months of daily play to include extra purchases made to compliment the developers there are glitches and great losses with terrible customer service support response. It’s addicting no doubt. I’m at level 81 out of 90. DO NOT TRY IT OR YOU WILL SUFFER LOSS AND UNEXPLAINED GLITCHES!!!!!!

This game is misleading...


I downloaded it once and got pretty far-then, I got a message that it had to be restarted. Did that-got another pop up that it had expired for Android. Hmmm...I have an iPhone and the game says it is for I PHONES!!! So, deleted this once again -AFTER I HAD GOTTEN PRETTY FAR IN IT-AGAIN!!!! If you cannot make it work for the iPhone, either take ‘for iPhone’ OFF the description or simply remove it until you have the bugs worked out. Same with June’s Journey. I still play it but you have to wait to upgrade (unless of course you pay). There should be options for people that DO NOT pay to make it not so hard to do some of the things necessary in the game -if it is easier and more enjoyable I may actually think of paying for some of the items. As it is now-I just play when I ‘get to it’. I realize you have to make money but it borders on ridiculous. The only reason I have kept it so long is it doesn’t crash like Pearls Peril-which IS connected to June’s Journey. How CAN I play it in conjunction with June’s Journey when it crashes? Do you have an actual trained staff that developed and monitors these games I wonder? I think they may need more training or, due to the problems, maybe they should work for free ( you would save the money you want so badly) until they finally ‘hit’ on a winner. Just some suggestions. Thank you.



Just started playing this game. It’s so fun and very challenging, especially when you are trying to be #1 in the leaderboard of friends!

Love it it’s addicting


Play all the time since I downloaded it!



This game vies towards gambling. In Game Purchases rely on hooking tactics to make $.



I can’t wait to play this game every day plus more often if I can !!

I think I’ll like the game if it’ll just work properly.


This game keeps crashing. I got this because I have the June’s journey and love that game so thought this one would be fun as well. I have no issue with the June’s journey game so I know it’s an issue with the pearls peril game and not my phone. This game keeps acting slow and stopping. If it continues I will just delete the game.


Lady Miminao

Love it ???

This game is addictive


I love it had to take my phone to factory settings lost everything now I am starting over ?