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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh



This is a fun game except it takes way too long to get cash instead of coins. It also takes forever to clear land. No room to put anything large. And three days to get a fire hydrant??? Really????

Ridiculous small writing

Reba 954

Even on a I phone 10, I could not read anything



I've playing for about one year and found it very interesant, what I've been looking for. I'm successful wining the first place each scene but found that I don't know where are all those coins I won. Other suggestion is to make easier open to expand the island. The prior comments were long ago. I’m two buildings to win! Has been very hard. What I would like is an easier way to collect money or coins!

Missing cash and coins


When I tried to open the game I kept getting a message that there was a problem. I tried turning my phone off and back on with no change. I deleted the app and re-installed it. Most of my coins and cash were gone! I asked for help and was told it would be up to 48 hours for a response from someone. It’s been over that and I’m still waiting for help. Thank goodness I don’t ever pay real money to play a game. But maybe if I did I would have the help I asked for. I will tell all my friends about this and I hope they pass it along

Perils Perils


Great seek and find game. I think we need a part 2.

Scenes are depressing


The game itself is fun but a large percentage of the scenes are ugly and depressing. There are way too many shot up planes and war plans or battered, abandoned vehicles, dark ugly caves, even many of the characters are unpleasant to look at. Pearls Perils seems to be geared towards the female audience but the scenes are very much in contrast. I would play the game much more if it was visually appealing. But it isn’t. I voiced my concerns before but it was ignored. It is the same old ugliness. So as a result Pearls Perils will always be a last resort game to me in comparison to June’s Journey. June’s Journey is so much more pleasant visually and the theme more true to life. You asked for reviews and this is mine.

Pearls peril

MT Boop

I enjoy the game ~ pleasantly passes the time!

Slow loading all throughout game


Been playing since 2017 and the game gets slower and slower to open up, downloading and to play. Wooga wastes resources changing things in the game which 80% nobody I play with likes. Very cumbersome. I get tired of waiting and waiting I finally have started to just not play (or try to!) Too many ads just to get a cheap reward. BIG FAIL

Pearls Peril


Since the latest update the program will not load the graphics. I get the background music and it recognizes my membership number. I don’t play through Facebook but it keeps trying to get me to go through Facebook, I don’t know if that is the problem but the game is now just taking up space on my XR iPhone. It would be nice if Wooga/PLAYTIKA would fix their games correctly especially when they put a new version into play. Been playing for a long time but, it seems that the programmers are too busy to answer the help sections.