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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is free iOS app published by wooga gmbh

Big Changes

cant make up a nickname

If I could give a negative 5 star review I would. The latest update crippled the way thousands of players played by limiting our energy to 30/day so we would have to spend real money to advance in the game. Wooga/Playtika totally disrespected their players and are both money-grabbers. I will change my review when they change back to the old way. ?????

Pearl’s Peril

Tuffy Two

Recent changes in this game have made me give PP a one star rating. I’ve played it for years along with friends across the world. No possible any more.

Frustrated Player

Krista and Matthew

This is a really fun game but Wooga/Playtika have recently taken away all but 30 of our energies. They would take that away too but then they couldn’t call it a “free” game. It takes 30 energies just to play 1 scene. Then there are the weekly quest. Without energy you can’t participate in then and will let your team and won’t win the main prize. The price of EVERYTHING in this game is very expensive and if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, this is not your game. This game was fun but it’s not anymore.

Greedy company!

you tell me my name then

Don’t play, the company is greedy and their customer service is horrible.

Game changed


Recent game updates SEVERELY limited the number of energies you can get from Facebook friends. Many people have accepted friends for sole purpose of getting energy. Game isn’t fun anymore.

Too Many changes


A month ago I would have given this game 5 Stars however today I’m giving it a generous 2. The game has had so many changes, done in the interest of “fairness” that it really is no longer enjoyable to play. You used to be able to get Facebook friends to send you energy. Apparently the creators thought this was unfair to players who refused to get game friends on FB so now we are only allowed a small amount of energy to play. This is really more about the company wanting us to spend $ to buy energy so we can play longer: GREED NOT FAIRNESS. They also took our ability away to choose for our selves what special deliveries we wanted making it totally random, no strategy can be applied to this part of the game like it used to be. VERY SAD AND DISAPPOINTED IN THE GAME NOW, may even delete the game soon!!!!!!!!

Latest big update…


I used to really enjoy PP, but this latest big update changed that. My biggest annoyance is with the deliveries of the special items — I used to be able to choose what I wanted delivered, but now it’s random. I don’t care if I now get two each time and I can get them twice a day — I could already get several random items each day just from watching ads! Being able to pick what I wanted to be delivered allowed me to get what I needed when I needed it, be it energy, coins, or cash. I may be dropping this game from my daily routine soon.

Too long to get a compass


I can not believe that it is taking so long to get a compass to maneuver around the island. I understand now that they just want you to pay for the compasses. That’s pretty lousey. I’m seriously thinking of deleting this game.

Pearl’s Peril

This version is better

It’s a mystery an a match game



Liked the game at the beginning but… it’s frustrating to get almost get threw a chapter and it takes forever to get the last badge you can get a high score do everything right and it hardly even moves I noticed it only happens. When you have less than 5 energy left. At the beginning you can get a full badge for finding the easy ones. You would think that it would be the other way around. I have also tried Facebook and the developers webpage and can’t ever seem to join. Also it’s quite obvious that if you’re going to get anywhere in the game you’re going to have to purchase something there is no wayYou’re able to get over half the items just simply playing the game Skill has nothing to do with it how you move forward threw the game.